Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Biden, responsive representatives, Towne West and angry white men (April 12, 2019)


How embarrassing to watch former Vice President Joe Biden grovel at the inaptly named Biden Courage Awards in New York on March 26th. Then, on Feb. 17, Biden told an audience in Munich that America is an embarrassment. This is the same Biden who withdrew from the 1988 presidential race after plagiarizing a speech by Neil Kinnock.

Has there ever been a creepier assortment of Democrats running for president? They can’t shed their scales fast enough to keep pace with their competitive pandering.

Stop pushing faith-based fairy tales like the green new deal and encouraging Central American migrants to flood our border. How many more Americans will be victimized by this new crop of illegal immigrants while Democrats and corporate opportunists like the Koch brothers refuse to work with Trump?

Try representing America for a change instead of pandering to the Robespierre/Cortez wing of the Democratic Party.

Gregory Bontrager, Hutchinson

Being responsive

I contact my representatives often. Of Sen. Moran, Sen. Roberts and Rep. Estes, only one takes the time to respond in a relevant manner. Moran’s office responds with emails that detail his efforts in the Senate and opinions related to my original message.

But for Estes and Roberts, their email responses have always been keyword-based responses that more often than not have nothing to do with my original message. For example, if I contact Roberts and Estes about voting for disaster relief for Puerto Rico and the Midwest, I’ll get a vague response about Trump and immigration that doesn’t even tangentially mention the main topic of my original message. It seems to me that the offices of Estes and Roberts are wholly disinterested in what their constituents have to say. They could learn a thing or two from Moran.

Mark Camenzind, Wichita

Towne West, idea 1

Towne West should be sold or be donated to USD 259 for a new middle school and high school. It would take some remodeling, but it’s certainly large enough. Or sell it to be remodeled into a senior residences/nursing home/independent living for seniors.

Bill Brown, Wichita

Towne West, idea 2

The process should have already been started, considering Towne West’s obvious short-lived future, but now that it’s officially for sale the county commissioners should considering purchasing it. If an honest, thoughtful consideration and accounting was performed there would be little difference between its purchase price and what is currently spent on an annual basis for the piecemeal purchase, leasing and cost of operation of property by the county. Towne West is large enough for all current and future county operations for the next 100 years. Additionally, it would be a convenient one-stop location for all county business conducted by residents.

Jim Wilson, Wichita

Angry white males

Finally! A class for the Angry White Male! Why are they angry? There are college classes for women, women/men of different nationalities/skin tone, LGBTQ+ women/men, etc. so why not one for white males? They and others need to learn about what makes them tick as well. Women can get scholarships just because they are going into a male-dominant field or any number of reasons. A white male can hardly get a scholarship unless they’ve gone above and beyond what’s expected of anyone else. Women and people of different nationalities or skin color other than “light” are hired before a white male or they cry foul, regardless of experience and knowledge. It’s no wonder white males are angry. It makes me, a mom of a white male who’s going to college, angry.

Kathy Jenkins, Wichita