Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Farm Bureau plan, Mueller report, Riverfest opinions and Douglas proposal (April 6, 2019)

Farm Bureau

The Greenwood and Sedgwick County Farm Bureaus write to support the Kansas Farm Bureau health coverage plan currently being considered in Topeka. We are concerned that several opinions that recently were published in this paper missed the fundamental issue of uninsured Kansans and sought to disparage Farm Bureau as an organization.

Our farming and ranching members have demanded options to the currently broken healthcare system. In response, the KFB health coverage plan is the product of more than a year of research and planning. We acknowledge that the plan does not solve every problem in our healthcare system, but we firmly believe that it is the best possible option for our members that have been priced out of the insurance market.

The KFB’s plan has been designed to help the 16 percent of Kansans who are either uninsured or being crushed by paying for Affordable Care Act coverage out of pocket. As an organization with more than 100 years of serving Kansans, we have no interest in operating a deceptive, fly-by-night healthcare scheme as has been accused. The KFB health coverage plans will offer our members robust, affordable coverage subject to the Kansas Consumer Protection Act.

Anthony Seiler on behalf of the Sedgwick and Greenwood County Farm Bureau Associations


Rep. Roger Marshall howled in his Eagle OpEd on March 28 that President Trump was exonerated by the Mueller report.

On that same day in an article for the Brennan Center for Justice, Victoria Bassetti wrote, “Pay particular attention to two of Mueller’s phrases: ‘did not establish’ and ‘did not exonerate.’ Lawyers will know that those two phrases actually hint at the opposite of a complete Trump vindication.”

Not being a lawyer or having played one on TV, I understood the implications. Perhaps Rep. Marshall might want to remove his rose-colored glasses and carefully re-read Attorney General Bill Barr’s March 22 letter to Congress.

So while President Trump and his base do victory dances now, the reality of what Mr. Mueller wrote in his full report actually may be devastating to the Trump administration. If it wasn’t damning, the White House would have made copies for every American, read it over and over on Fox News, and sold gold-trimmed, leather-bound copies to their fans the day after Mueller delivered the report. Tellingly, they didn’t.

Leanne Chase, Rose Hill

Riverfest opinions

I had to laugh when I read the story about the self-appointed Riverfest “cop” who was making it his mission in life to humiliate and bully anyone who had a ‘bad’ opinion or experience with any Riverfest activity.

Folks, the last time I checked we have this little thing called free speech that allows us to voice our thoughts and opinions, even when it upsets someone with a differing point of view. This fella needs to get a life! And newsflash: not everything about the Riverfest is kittens and rainbows, there are indeed poor acts, poor food, poor behavior...lots of things that can and will lead to people voicing their opinion about it.

Greg Martin, Belle Plaine

Douglas plans

I am excited to see the plans for Douglas Avenue. By prioritizing people instead of just moving traffic through as fast as possible, the city has a chance to help the merchants along this street. This is not a cars vs. bikes argument. Douglas will be able to hold as much traffic as it now does, it may just be a bit slower, which isn’t a problem for those trying to attract the attention of people who want to spend money.

There is a lot of space on Douglas, and by creating a modern, active thoroughfare we can improve safety for people driving cars, riding bikes, walking, and riding the scooters that will be coming soon. Kudos to the city for taking a second look at the design and realizing that Douglas as it currently is would not be able to handle the changes coming our way. Imagine 200 scooters trying to navigate a 35mph five-lane road. With a bit of paint and a great design it will be no problem.

Remember, this is not a big construction project, just reorienting lanes. Other cities have had great success with road diets, this will be a great project to keep Wichita moving forward.

Jack Murphy, Wichita