Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on NBC, guns, groceries, NFL and Mueller (March 26, 2019)


The City Council has misjudged the city’s devotion to the NBC tournaments when making decisions on the new baseball stadium.

The NBC is our city’s baseball history.

Not only should they be granted offices in the new stadium, but also the right to play the tournaments in the stadium — and NBC should also be in charge of the NBC history museum at the stadium. Why would the city put someone in charge of the museum that does not know or care about the NBC?

Carol Collins, Wichita


One recent Sunday while returning from an evening shopping trip I experienced a mind-changing event. While making a turn onto Wassall I came under fire. The vehicle in front of me lowered its passenger window and five shots rang out. A random shooting. No rhyme nor reason to it. I was not injured.

Sad, that this once-lovely and peaceful area of town is now a hotbed of drugs and violence. As the older residents in the area have died or moved away these homes have largely become rental properties. This change has not been good.

For years, I’ve resisted moving, resolving to stay and try to make a difference. I have several older neighbors that I help with home maintenance and other needs. I’ve also resisted carrying the means to defend myself. No longer.

The framers of our Constitution had the wisdom to endow us with the right to defend ourselves. As a law abiding citizen I will now avail myself of that right.

I have the deepest respect for our law enforcement and their efforts, but they can not be everywhere at all times. I will now provide for my own defense. Enough!

Douglas Simpson, Wichita


It seems to me with several new residence buildings in or near downtown what we need is a good grocery store for the people living there.

Has anyone in the city contacted Kroger to see if they would be interested in putting a store like the one at Central and Rock in the Gander Mountain building? That would provide jobs and keep the people who live in the city’s center there for their grocery shopping. It would also attract more people to live downtown because they would not have to drive to get their basic necessities.

Janice Bailey, Wichita


Now playing: NFL Sexcapades media circus round two featuring Robert Kraft as Jerry Jones’ nationally crucified replacement.

Sensitivity Trigger Alert: If you are a self-righteous monogamist or a sports nut, the below could cause you to experience severe cognitive dissonance by exposing your shallowness.

As for the NFL punishing Robert Kraft for being caught in a grandstanding and abusive police prostitution sting, please allow me to be blunt.

Football is a boring, macho male, redneck, moron sport, where grown men see how bad they can injure opposing players. It supports couch potatoes’ bad-cholesterol junk-food habits and wastes their valuable time watching mindless TV to see the outcome of an event that has zero meaning while ignoring major social injustices a thousand times more worthy of peoples’ time and money.

Football players are not Nobel-winning doctors or scientists, super lawyers, national heroes, or in any rational sense moral role models any more than professional gamblers who make a lot of money in Las Vegas are role models.

Let’s stop pretending that Robert Kraft (or any other sports team owner or player) should be artificially subjected some sort of higher moral code in their private lives.

John L. Williamson, Wichita


Hold on, Robert Mueller, your job is just beginning. No collusion, no obstruction, nothing to hide — all of that applies only to Donald Trump. Now it’s time to focus upon the real conspirators: the Democrats. Place your microscope over the Steele Dossier, Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting conservatives, Uranium One, Solyndra, Benghazi and a $150 billion bribe to the Iranian mullahs. Investigate Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Adam Schiff and the other criminals. No need to hurry, there’s still 20 months until the next election.

Michael Mackay, Mulvane