Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on Trump, abortion, ballpark and insurance (March 19, 2019)

Trump’s accomplishments

The dictionary says a leader “Acts as a guiding force guiding force. A commander with ability to guide.” Donald Trump is the epitome of a leader. He sought the presidency because he loves this country and wants to restore its greatness. He doesn’t need fame, fortune or power. He already has those.

All leaders have a plan. Just as Trump ran his successful businesses, he has a vision for America. He spelled out his vision with campaign promises and spent the first two years of his presidency making them come true. His record with the economy, employment, the stock market and tax reductions have been exceptional.

Trump came to the office in a manner similar to two great presidents of the past – Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. Each was treated as an unwelcome power player in the Washington mainstream. Each had to overcome hatred and media bias to accomplish their goals.

To draw a sports analogy, being president is like being a coach. You are the boss and must have a game plan. You must be tough and often you have few or no friends when you must make difficult decisions. The objective is to win. Donald Trump has informed us many times that he plans to win. In my opinion he has done a remarkable job in spite of relentless attacks by the media, liberals and even some big-government Republicans.

Hank Schichtle, Augusta

Late-term abortion

Thank you, Rep. Elizabeth Bishop, for having the courage to speak to the members of the Kansas House about the late-term abortion that saved her life. After consulting with her doctor, she made the difficult decision to go forward with the abortion.

Bishop spoke in response to a resolution by the Kansas House and Senate condemning New York state’s support of late-term abortions. I have read the commentary about this issue and I can find nothing that says that a baby will be killed as a result of a late-term abortion. In fact, infanticide is illegal.

A late-term abortion may be necessary if the fetus is no longer viable or to save the life of the mother. Only the woman, consulting with her family and her doctor, should make the decision to have a late-term abortion. Bishop and others in her situation have to do what is best for them and their families.

It is past time that legislators stop practicing medicine. Let a woman, with her doctor’s advice, make the best decision for herself.

Diane Wahto, Wichita

Stadium frustration

Well, once again we have a frustrating situation surrounding our fair city. As a longtime attendee at baseball games at Lawrence Dumont, longtime supporter of the NBC Tournament and longtime Wichita resident, I am perplexed. My father’s sporting goods store, “Hesse Sporting Goods,” even supplied the tournament with baseballs and other related items back in the 60s and 70s, including optic yellow baseballs that they used for a few brief years.

In any event, this situation of secrets is not right. Rules that it had to be kept quiet? Really? I think the City Council should have handled all this groundwork, so to speak, before the old stadium was demolished. I’ve always taught my sons that there were two ways to lie. One is with your mouth open and the other is with your mouth shut. Time to get straight, gentlemen.

Greg Hesse, Wichita

‘Junk’ insurance

The Kansas Legislature and the companies who profit from these “junk” health insurance plans and are using a poor argument to promote products with small benefits and a large potential to harm Kansans with Senate Bill 32. Allowing the Farm Bureau plan – as well as short-term plans and association health plans – to take hold in Kansas would be like going back in time to when insurance companies could discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, women and older adults.

As a cardiologist, I see formerly healthy patients who are suddenly facing an unexpected health crisis. Kansans should be able to trust that their insurance will help them when they need it most. Promoting insurance options with few consumer protections is not a solution – it’s a real problem.

Kansas legislators should reject any “buyer beware” health plans. We deserve better.

Ravi Bajaj, Wichita