Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on health care, ballpark and abortion (March 13, 2019)

Protect health care

Most of us take our health for granted. When we’re healthy, things like pre-existing conditions and coverage caps don’t mean a thing. However, life can change in an instant.

Nearly two years ago I had open-heart surgery with seven bypasses. I was lucky in two ways. My situation was caught in time before major damage was done, plus Medicare covered me. However, many younger people face a different problem. They may have a medical condition that their insurance might not cover.

Because of my personal experience, I understand the importance the protections of the Affordable Care Act ensure. The Kansas state Legislature is currently considering SB 32, which would turn back the clock to when health insurance plans could discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, women, and older adults.

I understand the importance of affordable health care, but promoting options with few consumer protections is not a solution – it’s a real problem.

Kansas legislators should reject any “buyer beware” health plans. We deserve better. Don’t play politics with health coverage. Please contact your legislator to vote against SB 32.

Larry Hatteberg, Wichita

Ballpark questions

In government service it is almost as important to avoid the appearance of wrongdoing as wrongdoing itself. “Trust me” is not enough in matters of this import. There are many unanswered questions about Wichita’s new ballpark and they may have been answered, but they remain unseen by most of us citizens. Many of us recall the Wild West World fiasco…..a confidence man and gullible backers. Here are a few questions I’d like to see answered, there are others:

1.) Who are the investors that we are climbing in bed with…is their funding good money?

2.) Why sell the land? Give them a 50-year, dollar-a-year lease with performance caveats to satisfy what we wish to have on the west bank, how timely it would occur and that they could not simply turn it for sale. If they don’t want that deal, run, don’t walk, away.

3.) What if the Baby Cakes don’t draw much better than the Braves/Wranglers (you know, that inconvenient history thingee)? Can they move onto the “next town” when they choose? If they leave after a short stay, do they keep the land? With a lease you could speak to that issue.

The quotes I’ve read in the paper by the front person read almost like something from professor Harold Hill’s presentation to another River City council. Wait, wait…that was phantasmagorical, wasn’t it?

Garry Porter, Wichita

Abortion wording

I sympathize with “Abortion Language” (March 6 Letters to the Editor). I wish she would have provided the words to describe the horrific, senseless death of helpless infants that could possibly soothe our sensibilities and consciences.

Of course, the outrage is really because we don’t want to be exposed to the reality these words represent. It’s hard to fathom that a civilized society would allow it’s near-born or newborn to die under any circumstances. I guess we’ll just have to keep using the words that reflect the truth.

Carolyn Winn, Wichita

Kudos, Wichita

We were on our way home and stopped in Wichita overnight. It was around 9:00 p.m. and we went to a small Mexican restaurant on 47th Street. When we went to pay our bill we were told it was already paid for by a very nice lady that just left. What a nice surprise. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. What a great example of what we can do for others

Ray and Mary Casey, Nebraska