Letters to the Editor

Reader letters on agriculture, Estes and marriage (March 5, 2019)

American agriculture

Where does your food come from? If you’re like many Americans, the answer is the grocery store. The grocery store isn’t where food comes from, rather where it is distributed. In reality, far too many people are unaware of the role of American agriculture in their lives and what it really takes to have food on the dinner table. 165 people ate today because of one farmer... a dramatic increase from 19 people in the 1940s. Quite simply, American agriculture is doing more and doing it better. Agriculture is this nation’s No. 1 export and vitally important in sustaining a healthy economy.

Americans continue to enjoy food, fiber and fuel supply, which is abundant, affordable overall and among the world’s safest, thanks in large part to the efficiency and productivity of American farm families. We officially recognize our farmers on March 14th, National Ag Day. Ag Day is a good time to reflect and be grateful for American agriculture!

Agriculture is a part of all of us.

Lesley Schmidt, Park City

Response to Estes

“Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric.” That statement by Rep. Ron Estes in his March 3 editorial is certainly true. While he touts “The fact is...” and “…indisputable facts…” he fails to recognize or admit that his two cherry picked Kansas example returns (if they are actually real) of the hundreds of thousands of Kansas returns do not represent a trend or the overall effect of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Another “fact”: my federal tax liability actually increased $121 while my effective tax rate decreased by only about half a percent.

Estes spins facts just as his POTUS mentor does. On his U.S. House web page, Estes boasts “I value all feedback from residents of my district.” But have you attempted to send him an e-mail or contact his office by phone? I called his Wichita office and the Washington, D.C., office during February and received only an answering machine. After leaving my name and phone number and receiving assurances a ‘call back’ would occur, this resulted in no response.

Don’t be fooled by his rhetoric about the tax bill changes.

Dennis Zitterkopf, Wichita

Marriage bill

The writer of “LGBT Students” (March 1 Eagle) proved the need for Kansas House Bill 2320. There is a difference between safety emphasized in the letter and promoting alternative lifestyles in education. The bill has a line: “the government’s endorsement of LGBTQ secular humanism has not been about ‘tolerance,’ but ‘dominance.’” The writer of LGBT Students is wanting the government to enforce the alternative lifestyles of the LGBT community by teaching the students about those alternatives. HB 2320 does not encourage hate as insinuated.

Everyone should read HB 2320 (2019) for it is well written and does not imply any of the negatives in the LGBT Students letter. Laws have to be lengthy and complex, and 2320 defines marriage between a genetic man and woman and says that state policies about it “are natural, neutral, non-controversial and secular in nature.” There are many alternative lifestyles today: drugs, prostitutes and more limited only by human imagination and all wanting government support. The bill supports natures lifestyles.

HB 2320 states the blessing of government is in the capacity of “natural, neutral, and secular” policies. HB 2320 is an attempt to avoid the imaginations of man controlling our laws. The people should support the blessings of good government in HB 2320.

James Kilpatrick, Wichita