Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor Feb. 27, 2019

Kansas needs Medicaid Expansion

Despite what some Kansas legislators and their wealthy donors say, Kansas needs, and Kansans overwhelmingly want, Medicaid expansion. Thirty-one states have already expanded, and all report satisfaction with their decision. Expansion will allow the working poor (including singles aged 19-64 who currently don’t qualify for Medicaid) to have medical insurance. These people aren’t “freeloaders;” they are already working and paying taxes.

Unfortunately, their low pay leaves them in a situation where they make too much to qualify for Medicaid currently but not enough to afford insurance. Putting aside all the social reasons for expansion (such as providing health care to an additional 150,000 Kansans, saving lives, curing illnesses, etc.), there is economic benefit to Medicaid expansion.

We are watching small Kansas hospitals fail, which hurts small town economies. Expansion would see at least 3,500 additional jobs in Kansas over the next five years (many in rural communities) – improving the state’s economy and increasing state tax revenue. Additionally, Kansans already support expansion with our tax dollars that go to states that have expanded Medicaid (losing Kansas $3 billion so far)! Let us insist that our state legislators do the right thing for Kansas – tell them it’s past time to expand Medicaid.

Susan K. Osborne, Wichita

Impact of Green New Deal

Here’s how one aspect of the Green New Deal will work out. Because of excessive flatulence which affects global warming, cattle ranches are fazed out and those ranchers have to go on welfare to survive which increases tax requirements to support them. Meanwhile, farmers raising soy beans, corn, sorghum and other cattle food have reduced demand for their products so the farmers and their employees have to go on welfare also. Since farmers and ranchers are no longer in business they won’t be buying farm machinery for their businesses so John Deer, Caterpillar, Case IH and other manufacturers will go out of business with similar welfare increases due to loss of jobs.

Beef processors such as Cargill, Smithfield and Tyson will have none to process so their business will suffer, laying off many people which will swell the welfare rolls. Wendy’s, Burger King, Spangles, etc. whose core business is hamburgers will close for lack of beef products and owners and their laid off workers will expand the welfare rolls even more. No cattle means no steer manure which means reduced natural fertilizer which means our lawns will suffer.

The domino effect on the economy by banning cattle is enormous. Most catastrophically, what will all the millennials eat? Poor things will likely starve!

Loren Martindale, Wichita

Save Century II

Everyone who comes to Wichita notices and likes Century II. Along with the Tripodal, it gives Wichita its lively center. You can see it from planes.

Now the relatively small Performing Arts Devotees think it is their right to tear it down. Great performers can perform in a barn. I have seen Shakespeare on tiny stages in modern dress with 3 or 4 props. If there are acoustic problems, for heaven’s sake fix them. Do not tear down a wonderful building that pleases and serves us all for a big square box that serves only people who want the Best in performing arts. Build your new building somewhere else! Why not a special park?

Dorothy K. Billings, Wichita

Is O’Donnell being treated fairly

Hillary Clinton used a private server for classified documents, destroyed 30,000 e-mails AFTER receiving a subpoena for her records and earned $15.9 million in speaking fees from groups who had lobbied Congress. Her only charge was that she was “extremely careless” in handling classified documents. Contrast that with Michael O’Donnell who has limited resources. His phone is tapped and he ends up in federal rather than state court for the way he handled $10,500 in campaign contributions. SAD!

Rod Goering, Wichita