Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on butterflies, abortion, Century II and President Trump (Feb. 21, 2019)

Monarch butterflies

The editorial cartoon in the Wednesday Eagle about Monarch butterflies was misleading.

The Sacramento Bee artist was using numbers for the population west of the Rocky Mountains, which is indeed in crisis. The population east of the Rockies, including those seen in Kansas, has actually shown a significant rebound in recent years. That rebound, however, is most likely due to a lucky sequence of weather patterns and may not continue. And, overall, the numbers of eastern Monarchs are down significantly from what they were 20 years ago.

The underlying threat to Monarchs from habitat loss due to changes in agricultural practices, careless use of pesticides and urbanization of the countryside applies to the eastern population of Monarchs also. That part of the editorial cartoon was on point. To support Monarchs and the thousands of other insect species that rely on diverse, healthy prairie habitats for survival, it is vital to encourage the holistic maintenance of prairie lands.

Urban dwellers can help Monarchs by planting milkweeds in their home landscape, and the spring planting season is just around the corner. See monarchwatch.org for more information.

Jim Mason, Wichita

Abortion in NY

What sort of ghoulish, diabolically disoriented beings first of all, think it acceptable to commit infanticide on a child during the third trimester of pregnancy, second of all, even voice this thinking in public, third of all, pass legislation to make said infanticide legal, and last of all, CELEBRATE the passage of this legislation?

What kind of a sick society have we become, when few people in that society would out and out slaughter a dog so gruesomely, yet would do this to a baby?

Evil begets evil. We have been on this trajectory since the first state allowed abortions. A nation will be judged on how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. God has judged us and found us wanting. He didn’t create evil, but allows us to be given over to the Prince of this World, until such time as He deems it fit to intervene. What sort of fearsome and awful justice will He mete out to us? And how will you stand before it if you are a Catholic who promoted this, or worse, a Catholic prelate who offered no rebuke, thereby condemning souls to hell?

Deborah S. Jabara, Wichita

Century II

City Council members want to tear down Century II for personal economic benefits. To feign public support, they have created a misleading survey regarding the future of Century II and the old library building. This survey is heavily weighted to manufacture the appearance that the public supports their vision. With this bogus survey, there is no outcome that allows Century II to stand.

These extraordinary buildings are exceptional works of art we cannot replace with cheap, pedantic, cookie-cutter developments. Our beautiful skyline is unlike any other and these buildings are key to Wichita’s distinctive look. Razing Century II is comparable to destroying the Keeper of the Plains. Architecture is as important to art history as any painting or sculpture. Materials and design of this quality are not affordable today. Tourists, families looking to relocate and businesses are not interested in towns with few outstanding features.

There is no need to tear down Century II. The former Gander Mountain building sits empty nearby surrounded with plenty of space. For less money and less heartache, we could build one big concert hall there to supplement what we already have in Century II and fully meet Wichita’s needs now an into the future.

Liesl Wright, Wichita

President Trump

I believe that President Trump has, or will, engender some undesirable outcomes with actions expected to be favorable for the country. First is his already accomplished improvement in the economy. Seems likely that will make immigrants, legal or illegal, even more anxious to enter our country — and they probably will find a way. Immigration, especially illegal, will increase. Then there's the wall, which will make bringing drugs into the country more difficult and expensive — but the cartels will find a way and require users to offset their increased costs. For those addicts that use crime to obtain the money for their drugs, they'll have to commit more of them, and the country's crime rate will increase.

Harry R. Clements, Wichita