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Letters on funding universities, trade authority, minimum-wage experiment, Riverfest senior dance

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Universities need stable state funding

Kansas has universities of which all people should be proud. But they need ample and stable funding, which the Legislature has failed to provide.

Young people need the very best in educational opportunities possible, and high-quality universities can provide these courses, programs and majors. Going backward is not the way to go. Forward and upward goals and objectives must be stressed. Each university must stress excellence.

Graduation from a university is necessary for many to become middle-income individuals who are trained and educated to think critically and creatively in handling difficulties and solving problems in any job, business and profession. Thus, a university education becomes a necessity in a complex society.

Reaching toward higher goals in life should always be in the repertoire of any individual. With a good self-concept, this is possible, and a good education assists in developing confidence in the self and respect toward others.

Let us rise to the occasion of needed adequate and stable financial support of our Kansas universities.


North Newton

Unfair trade deal

President Obama got a trade authority bill passed in the Senate last week. He argued that trade deals “done right” are important to “expanding opportunities for the middle class, leveling the playing field for American workers and establishing rules for the global economy that help our businesses grow and hire.”

This would be true except that Sens. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., were unable to get currency-manipulation language in the bill. Without this language and a strong dollar, American labor will remain uncompetitive and the trade will be lopsided in other countries’ favor. This bill will be just another jobs giveaway, like previous trade agreements.

What this country needs is a good trade bill that, as Obama says, is “done right,” not the one put forth.



Wage experiment

We like to conclude whether tax reductions at the state level help or hurt the state economy. The problem is that things other than taxes affect a state’s economy. What works in North Dakota and Florida may not work in Kansas and California.

A current but continuing debate is over the minimum wage: Does an increase help or hurt the income and employment prospects of low-wage workers? Many cities are edging up the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and many folks will draw an unwarranted conclusion from the individual results. But this is an opportunity for a national economic experiment that would be more conclusive.

Let’s raise the nationwide minimum wage to $15 an hour, or maybe even $20, everywhere and immediately; agree on what and how to measure outcomes; and look at the results after a year or two, or more. We would have to agree on what, if anything, to do for those who suffer – whether employers, workers or families – from the results of the experiment. But the debate ought to subside and we’ll then know as a nation what to do in the future – except for the crank who will say we shouldn’t have gone to that extreme to test out his failed theory.



No senior dance

Because Wichita River Festival leaders have chosen not to host the senior dance, I will not purchase a festival button. Those dances should never have been for 55 and over; they should have been for adults, which would have allowed more people to attend. I went to all of the dances, and the attendance was always good. So why did festival leaders end the dances?

I hope all senior dancers and adult dancers will refuse to purchase festival buttons. We deserve to have something of our own included in the River Festival.



Wonderful staff

On May 1, the wonderful staff at Victoria Falls Assisted Living in Andover hosted a 100th-birthday celebration for my father, Marvin Ives.

Although his actual birthdate fell on May 3, administrator Angela Pennycuff asked to hold the party on Friday so that the weekday staff could be involved, along with the residents. The cake, the decorations and the way they served all of us were a great blessing to Dad, our family and friends.

Over the years that Dad and Mom have lived at Victoria Falls, we have been thankful for the care and attention they have received. Staffers have gone the extra mile at times in caring for them.


Bel Aire

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