Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on the climate, the wall and the shutdown (Jan. 11, 2019)

Why a carbon tax

In “What’s the point of a carbon tax rebate” (Jan. 9 Eagle), Cal Thomas derided the idea that there was any justification to change our behavior with respect to burning carbon. The reason he wants us to continue with our lifestyles as we have had them is that it would be painful and worthless to change.

In a letter to the editor below his editorial, a reader was upset to have been classified as an “old white male.”

Cal Thomas is an old white male. The price of his ignorance will be catastrophic. Further, he is unlikely to personally experience any of the most deleterious effects of climate change that are still coming. That makes him a selfish old white male.

We have never made policy based upon total certainty. There is no viable explanation for our dilemma of the warming globe other than carbon in the atmosphere.

When climate deniers claim that because we cannot know for certain that carbon is the source of climate change, they are asking for a standard to be met that is impossible. The consequences for this ignorance and inactivity are already upon us and growing every day. We have wasted at least two decades on this mindless debate; meanwhile, the planet burns. Mr. Thomas, that is the point of a carbon tax.

Pat Pirotte, Wichita

Calm down on climate

Democrats accuse Donald Trump of “manufacturing a crisis” on America’s southern border. They then blow a gasket when earth’s average temperature climbs by 0.1 degree during our paltry 100 years of collecting weather data. If ever there was a manufactured crisis, then the climate change debacle surely tops that list.

Nobody denies that climate is changing, it’s been doing so for 4.5 billion years. Who can say what earth’s temperature really should be? Was the last Ice Age the correct range? Or was it the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum period? One thing’s for certain, a family member murdered by an illegal immigrant will capture your attention a lot faster than will an imperceptible blip on the thermometer.

Michael Mackay, Mulvane

This for that

This is so simple. Trade the Dreamers (permanent residency and path to citizenship for DACA) in exchange for $5B for a wall. Or, if you want to go big, trade permanent residency and path to citizenship for all otherwise non-lawbreaking illegal immigrants in exchange for $25B for a wall.

Sure, Republicans detest amnesty for illegals and Democrats detest the wall, but doing a deal like this would show the country that the two major parties are able to get important things done. And, in three to five years, one of them will be able to crow about being right. That is, if violent crime and terrorist acts committed by illegals drop sharply, the President is proven right. If not, the Democrats are. It's a gamble for both, but at least we will know.

Richard Vogt, Newton

Get back to work

I sent the letter below to Congressman Estes and Sens. Moran and Roberts.

800,000 federal worker are not being paid because you failed to do your job. Now, Vice President Pence and senior White House officials are getting a $10,000 raise January 5, 2019. It seems reasonable the American people should stop paying their taxes until all federal workers are being paid. It also seems reasonable that every member of Congress, their staffs, and all members of the executive branch should not receive a paycheck until the government is fully funded and every federal worker is paid in full. This absolutely shameful. Get back to work and find a solution now!

Keith Osborn, Derby