Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Jan. 9, 2019)

Thank you, Mr. Sandlian

Our community owes a huge thank you to Colby Sandlian for underwriting free Saturday admission to the Wichita Art Museum since 2003. Now, he has set up a foundation to guarantee permanent free Saturday admission through this new million dollar foundation. This is a generous gesture that will pay off in artistic dividends for decades.

My memories of childhood visits to our museum have stayed with me for many years, and stimulated an interest that has brought me to museums all over the world. These Saturday visits will do the same for many others.

It would be impossible to measure the good that his foundation will do now and in the future. Thank you, Mr. Sandlian.

Jerry Malone, Wichita

Refuse to work

Air Traffic Control personnel throughout the United States need to refuse to work until the federal shutdown ends. And that goes for all the other federal employees who are working without compensation. Strong resistance is needed in this terrible situation, not meek compliance.

Ann Bennett-Graham, Wichita

Win-win on border

There are two distinct types of negotiation methodologies.

Integrative negotiation, or win-win, is best when dealing with people you will work with again. An important calculus is adding value for each party in a negotiation.

Disruptive negotiation, or win-lose, only works when you are seeking your best interest when splitting up a fixed sum. This is the Trump style that has served him well in his real estate deals. As he teaches in his book “Art of The Deal” a “win-win is not a good deal. A good deal is you win while crushing your opponent”.

I’m watching carefully, as I’m sure we all are, what the deal to reopen the government will look like. Will one side crush the other or will they find a win-win?

A deal including $5 billion plus in border security can be achieved. Some wall/fencing is needed in addition to drones, cameras, sound and seismic monitors, etc. Couple that with a solution to the ongoing humanitarian crisis at our border, helping Central America solve its crisis that causes thousands to flee, citizenship for DACA recipients and permanent status for “status pending” immigrants.

I urge you to engage in a win-win by seeking added value for each side.

Tom Savage, Bel Aire

Older white males

I read the article on Revolutsia, the container mall on Central, in the Jan. 3 Wichita Eagle where Michael Ramsey chose to disparage my demographic. Mr. Ramsey chose his words poorly when he stated: “there’s a certain mindset associate with ... older white guys that probably think parking is the most important thing.” Mr. Ramsey compounded the slight with: “These older white guys I think — myself — have been running Wichita way too long.”

I have noted a trend in society and the media lately that has begun to project a prejudicial view of any white male over 50 years old as an undesirable person to be labeled and discounted in pejorative terms. My message to Mr. Ramsey would be that I am not particularly sensitive to criticism and derision, however, I have decided to become less tolerant and more vocal in opposition to those who have chosen to let their progressive virtue signaling cloud their better judgment.

Mr. Ramsey may think he doesn’t need the approval and support of “old white guys” but I’m sure his tenants would disagree. I plan to take the high road and patronize Revolutsia’s shops and restaurants despite the insulting allusions. Mr. Ramsey should either clarify his statement, be a man and own it or apologize for it.

William Wilkinson, Wichita