Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Dec. 20, 2018)

Unruh questions

Commissioner Dave Unruh complains about unfounded allegations in his most recent column for the Eagle (“It's time to set the record straight,” Dec. 15 Eagle) but seems to make several himself. Chief among them is the statement that the former manager and counselor expended “effort” to “work against the Commission which led to an external investigation.” Is he alleging that the former manager and counselor conspired to trick the FBI into investigating the Commission? I suspect the FBI would not look kindly upon such an effort and would probably seek to prosecute them for filing a false report. Lying to the FBI is a felony. Commissioner Unruh should provide proof if he is going to make this allegation.

If Commissioner Unruh’s motive for pushing the manager out was so pure, I wonder why the U.S. Attorney’s Office is now looking into the firing of the former manager?

Joshua McClure, Colwich

Public schools

The Sunday paper included a letter titled “School choice.” To be clear, Insight School of Kansas, the subject of the letter, is a public school online program. It is sponsored by the Spring Hill School District and funded by the Kansas school finance system.

As a taxpayer and former public school teacher, I am delighted that a number of our Kansas public schools are creating innovative, accessible options for students and families. Several districts in south-central Kansas offer such programs.

Carolyn Schmitt, Bel Aire

Kelly and Trump

Why some folks are upset with Gov.-elect Laura Kelly skipping the White House meeting for new governors is beyond me. She does not need to be there for the president to understand the needs of the states, he’s well aware. Now whether he cares is another matter.

In less than three years Mr. Trump has blown up the budget, carefully negotiated trade deals and treaties and with them any vestige of respect we had left in the world. And given the he won’t listen to anyone besides his daughter and son-in-law, why in the world would anyone think he would listen to his governors concerns and solutions? Gov.-elect Kelly knew that and decided to put her precious time to better use. Plus, she knows she’s the last person Trump wants to talk to since she defeated his favorite toady.

So good for you Laura, you have more productive things to do. Besides, anyone who gets close to him ends up with their reputation in shreds, indicted or in jail. You’re safer in Topeka.

Kathleen C. Butler, Wichita

Moran and Yemen

On Dec. 13, thanks in part to Kansas’ Sen. Jerry Moran, the U.S. Senate passed the Yemen War Powers Resolution that would direct the president to remove U.S. armed forces from Yemen, except forces directed at Al Qaeda, within 30 days of the resolution’s adoption unless Congress declares war.

Why should we care? Immediately, a cease-fire was agreed to, much appreciated after Saudi-led air strikes supported by U.S. refueling tankers and reconnaissance, and a punishing food/medicine blockade had killed 85,000 people. If the U.S. Senate had not intervened, the human-made famine could have killed 13 million civilians.

There is another reason to applaud the Senate. After 45 years of presidents ignoring the War Powers Act, the Senate is taking back Congress’ authority to declare war. Sen. Moran, your leadership was important in passing the bipartisan resolution. Rep. Ron Estes, since this resolution will next be considered by the House, I hope you and your colleagues will also see the wisdom of withdrawing U.S. support for this tragic conflict and insisting that Congress take up its constitutional responsibility for going to war.

Dorlan Bales, Wichita