Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor Dec. 15

No cash allowed?

I had an interesting experience with United Parcel Service (UPS) this afternoon. I went to ship a Christmas parcel with them, and I whipped out my wallet to pay cash for the shipping charges. The agent pointed to a sign that said UPS was no longer accepting cash (or checks) as payment; they would accept a credit or debit card, but not cash.

There are two things which seem very wrong about their cashless position.

First, all U.S. paper currency bears an imprint saying, "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private." Does a large public corporation doing business in the U.S. have the right to refuse to accept the established national currency?

Second, can I do business with UPS only if I apply for a credit or debit card with a financial institution, receive the institution's approval, and am issued a card by the institution? That says there's a whole class of citizens who will not be able to ship parcels with UPS, even though they have cash to pay for it. This sounds like a violation of one's rights as a citizen of this country.

(In fairness to UPS, I and they did find a temporary work-around for my one time transaction.)

Tom Lezniak, Wichita

A de-evolution

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the second biggest mistake Germany has made since the fall of the Weimar Republic.

Like Barack Obama, she is a virulent globalist, and has a religious belief in “man-made climate change.”

This belief has caused the average German household to pay three times more in energy costs.

Merkel has led Germany from ethnic cohesion into a reign of terror by flooding the country with unassimilable migrants.

Like the United States, this open immigration is at the expense of the working class, who are supposed to shut up and pay the bill. Their plight is of little interest to Merkel or her ilk – if you don’t like it get out.

Police armed with sub-machine guns must patrol once safe streets and concrete barricades are needed for fear of being run-down by suicide martyrs.

As the body count rises, Merkel, French President Macron and British Prime Minister May have opened the floodgate to culturally disaffected human beings, resulting in the de-evolution of western European society.

Gregory Bontrager, Hutchinson