Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Dec. 9, 2018)


After allowing developers to obscure our view of the river and create a downtown park with shoddy developments and despite pleas from the Historic Alliance, the City Council has voted to raze the Mead's Corner building for more development — and with a huge incentive provided by taxpayers.

These developers will substantially reduce the aesthetic appeal of Wichita's downtown area. Tourists are an economic boon to any city, but attracting visitors to Wichita will become more difficult as city leaders replace charming architecture and views of the river with cheap development that will crumble within the next 10 years. We should keep Wichita beautiful for our own enjoyment, to attract business and to keep citizens from moving to more-appealing cities. Wichita is a lovely city but is becoming substantially less so with tasteless, poor quality developments. I can't imagine why the City Council is in such a hurry to devalue our city and erase those qualities that make Wichita special. Tearing down graceful buildings that have stood the test of time and replacing them with buildings that will soon crumble is not progress, it's just a bad idea.

Thank you, Brandon Johnson, for being the one City Council member willing to keep Wichita beautiful.

Liesl Wright, Wichita


I’m extremely disappointed in President Trump calling the caravan coming up through Mexico “invaders” and “a horde.” These are human beings, not invaders or a horde. The DHS and Mexico are saying there are known criminals in the caravan. There probably are. However, if the DHS does know who these criminals are, as they claim, then why do they not inform the Mexican authorities? The DHS could provide names, descriptions, ages, fingerprints, etc. But I guess they do not want to in order to keep spreading unreasonable fear. As the saying goes, one bad apple doesn’t mean the entire basket is full of bad apples.

Also, no one with a criminal record will be allowed into our country, as it is law. If Mexico provides us with who they know are criminals, they can be turned away immediately. Conversely, if the DHS provides Mexico with who they know are criminals, then Mexico could deport them or arrest them and send them to jail.

So many people are talking about “open borders” as if they think the only solution is a wall. We are not obligated to take everyone. We have a system in place, which does need some reform, that decides who does and does not get to immigrate to our country. Then they scream about “chain migration.” in which they totally ignore the fact that Melania Trump’s parents became US citizens using chain migration.

Floyce Wattson, Wichita

Mars and the Bible

With recent interest in Mars, I wonder how much influence the Bible has at NASA.

In Genesis 1:1-8, the first two days of creation are explained. Three elements were created, which were water, the planet Earth and light.

The Earth was rotating under water and was receiving light from a single direction to create night and day.

Water covered the Earth and was below its surface (Genesis 7:11). The amount of water was more than the Earth could contain, so God dispersed the excess into space. Since God did not destroy the excess water, it would remain in our solar system today.

When God created life on the third day, this shows life came from God, not water. Even if water is found on Mars, it will not contain life.

Russell Purser, Wichita