Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Dec. 1, 2018)

Lying and Congress

Very sad to hear that Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, has pleaded guilty to lying to Congress. That could cost him up to five years in jail.

But shouldn’t that work both ways? Shouldn’t it be a crime for Congress to lie to us, their constituents?

But wait. Silly me. The jails are already overcrowded. And that’s no lie.

Steve West, Colwich

Promises to postal workers

As a member of the federal community who served our country for years, I am concerned with an attempt to force current U.S. Postal Service retirees onto Medicare Part B, after they previously declined this coverage. While hailed as a way to improve USPS’ finances, this is nothing more than balancing the books on the backs of seniors.

Why should retirees, who spent their careers serving this nation, be forced to pay an additional $134 per month, or more, for health coverage they previously deemed unnecessary? Mandatory Medicare Part B coverage was never part of the agreement made upon employment, and it should not be forced on any postal retiree, especially retroactively.

Congress is currently attempting to fix the Postal Service’s problems by shifting costs to Medicare. I urge our legislators to reject the current postal reform bill, H.R. 756. Retired postal workers proudly served our community and promises to them should be kept.

David Petrie, Andover

The truth in the elections

I’m sorry, maybe I missed something, but I keep hearing the news reports of Russia interference in the 2016 elections as if it were a fact. So far, I haven’t heard any convincing evidence to substantiate that claim. So far the only thing that I’ve heard is that there were advertisements on Facebook profiling individuals. That doesn’t seem particularly ethical to me, but does that qualify as being illegal?

For one thing, it seems like individuals should be astute enough to differentiate fact from fiction, and it should the a red flag for the American people not to believe everything that they read on the internet, but to use that is a case for illegal activity…hmm that doesn’t sound right to me.

I haven’t heard that any of our voting machines were actually hacked and that actual votes were changed. But maybe I don’t have all the facts. I certainly think in a free and open society which we are supposed to be, the American people surely should be presented with all of the facts, so that we can make an informed decision!

I’m not defending President Trump either. I don’t find everything that he says particularly believable either. I don’t think that the way the Supreme Court nomination was handled was very well done, and there’s other things I don’t agree with. I just think this particular issue deserves further examination to distinguish the truth.

Dona M. Baba, Wichita

Where to agree on climate change

On the subject of global warming (or is it climate change?) there has been long ongoing disagreement between alarmists and skeptics. But there are several aspects that we can all agree on.

1) 10,000 years ago ice caps covered what is now northern Kansas, but, because of a long global warming phase, they receded to where they are today.

2) The global warming was a natural phenomenon that could not have been caused by humans. We have used fossil fuels only since the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

3) Global warming has not been linear. Historically, the Thames River at London has frozen over very rarely, but it did again as recently as 1963.

4) The star that is our sun is our only source of energy, and without it our planet would be a dead planet. It has unpredictable and spasmodic violent surface flares that impact climate, something that we humans have absolutely no control over.

5) We live in either the continuation of a very long global warming phase or in the very early stages of an ice age that climatologists warned us about 50 years ago. During our life times we will never know which it is.

David J. Gudeman,Wichita

President Trump

Mr. President of the United States of America,

The citizens you were elected to lead are killing each other. I cannot hold you responsible for pulling the trigger, but you are responsible for leading the attitude and tone of this nation.

Your apathy and lack of presidential leadership has made us less great. Please decide to properly lead and guide this nation.

Kenny Graves, Salina

Baseball coming back to Wichita

We were excited to see AAA baseball coming back to Wichita. We enjoyed bringing our kids and their teammates to watch the Aeros. We are now looking forward to bringing our grand kids to watch the new AAA team.

John and Marsha Ewy, Jetmore