Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

What I’m thankful for

An attitude of gratitude is an effective angle of attack on life. Even in times of loss, adversity or disappointment we can celebrate all that remains, which gives hope to embrace the future.

I’m thankful:

To live in the land of the free and home of the brave. It’s a privilege unparalleled and one to be shared. Our country welcomes a million immigrants legally into our country each year, some of whom are already here working but receive permanent status and citizenship as they apply and meet the requirements.

For friends with whom I do not agree politically but remain tied heart to heart.

For the genius of our Founding Fathers who created a form of government that endures through every change of administration. We the people are our own form of self-correction at election time. We should trust it and not be hateful and vengeful when it doesn’t go our way.

For parents who have passed but left me a treasure house of wisdom and a bed rock of faith. Love God, love others and love country. That simple but brilliant triad unfailingly guides my life.

I celebrate Thanksgiving 2018 with a full heart. Happy Thanksgiving fellow Wichitans.

Nancy Crabtree, Wichita

Consider this idea

Last year the citizens of Wichita emphatically voiced their desire to keep our most unique building, Century II. This fall an arts committee, pointed out its shortcomings for their future use. Here is an idea to accommodate both groups. Let’s agree to raze Century II and in it’s same location build a larger Prairie Style building which in every detail looks like the present Century II on the exterior with the addition of a cantilevered roof over the raised walkway around the building, as it was part of the original design. The art groups could design the interior to meet their future needs. The new “Century II” would not be expected to serve, or be physically connected to a convention center which has significantly different architectural requirements. As part of the Prairie Style the new “Century II” would still be associated with its present environment of Kennedy Plaza and the Arkansas River.

Architects, Roy Varenhorst and John Hickman won the right to design Century II. As former students of Frank Lloyd Wright and his Prairie Style, they included the cantilevered roof design as a significant aspect of the style. The city council of 50 years ago did not respect the famous style and saw the roof extending over the walkway as something not necessary to the function of the building and refused to pay for it. To be true to the style and include it on the new “Century II” would provide a perfect place for people to pause and enjoy the river, the plaza, and other activities. (The Varenhorst family donated the original plans to the Special Collection section of the W. S.U. Library.)

If we want to attract businesses and families we must have beautiful buildings with character which Century II certainly has. This would not be inexpensive, but we cannot afford to have the cost be the “be all and end all” when building civic structures. We can pay homage to the Kansas prairie, the river, and the jewel that is Wichita by by adopting this compromise.

Janice Bailey, Wichita