Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Nov. 18, 2018)

Healthy Kansas

Kansas is known for its simple beauty and friendly faces. It’s a great place for Kansans to call home. A place to raise our families, provide our children a strong foundation, establish roots and build vibrant communities.

Local community foundations bring life to our hometowns. The Kansas Health Foundation has helped community foundations build philanthropic assets over the past 20 years. Through the Giving Resources to Our World program, the KHF has invested $60 million in 39 community foundations since 1999. These foundations saw beginning assets of $19 million increase to nearly $700 million today.

GROW funding has helped Kansas community foundations build walking and bike trails to promote healthy living, supported classroom projects and installed playground equipment to improve children’s health, and created better access to health care.

It’s amazing how the smallest community foundation grants can make such a difference and open up new partnerships. With GROW funds, community foundations can leverage resources for more grants, which means more community impact.

Working with our community foundation partners, the KHF is working to make Kansans healthier and communities stronger. I encourage you to learn about your community foundation’s work and to support your hometown.

Junetta Everett, Wichita

Tax districts

When does this “madness” stop? Pretty soon the entire city of Wichita is going to become a community improvement district.

Now the City Council wants to approve another CID for the area around Douglas and Emporia. The City Council has made it a habit of approving these incentives, so developers request them. How many times have the citizens of this city patronized a restaurant or shop only to find out that an additional tax has been tacked on their bill. I have yet to see signs posted at businesses in a CID that indicate a higher sales tax is charged. The sales tax is already high enough in Wichita and now people will be paying an additional 2% for 22 years in this proposed district. Urge your City Council member to vote “no” on Dec. 4.

Donna Perline, Wichita


The Registered Apprenticeships described on the Nov. 13 Opinion page seems very much like the on the job training, commonly called just OJT, undertaken by employers and conducted by them on their own many years ago. It seemed to work back then.

Harry R. Clements, Wichita


Oh come on, Mr. President. If there are terrorists coming to the United States from Guatemala and Honduras, they wouldn’t be walking over 1,000 miles with a group of immigrants. They’d find other ways to get into our country. You’re fear mongering. Sad!

Paul Hull, El Dorado

Leap days

The Kansas legislature needs to insert a couple of "Leap Days" into the calendar. That way, all the crappy weather will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday, instead of every weekend.

Michael Mackay, Mulvane