Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Nov. 17, 2018)

Appropriate words

On Veterans Day, our recessional hymn at church was “America The Beautiful.” Perfect! A beautiful song with so much meaning. But how sad that some of the words sound as though they are not appropriate for America today.

“America, America, God mend thine every flaw

Confirm thy soul in self control, Thy liberty in law”

America certainly has its flaws. Always has. Always will. And God will mend our flaws, but He also gives us free will to choose whether to make poor choices that result in those flaws. He will mend our flaws in His time, not ours and the wait may be painful.

“America, America, May God thy gold refine

Till all success be nobleness, and every gain divine”

We are so blessed in this country. Everyone wants to live here (except the elites who threaten to leave when an election doesn’t go their way). But is the success we enjoy noble? Are corporations run for the good of employees and customers or just a few stockholders and directors? Is every gain divine or the result of impious practices?

“America, America, God shed His grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea“

We sing it, but do we mean it? Do we look out for one another as we seek some good for ourselves? People are the reason the world exists. Let’s start taking care of each other and thank God for the opportunity.

God bless America.

Steve West, Colwich


Dear Rep. Marshall, I read your letter published on the Eagle’s Opinion page Tuesday about deregulation. I’d like to share with you a few examples of what government deregulation means to me. It signals removal of protection against air and water contamination. It means loss of protection against excessive pricing such as what we've experienced for some life-saving medications. It means loss of protection from predatory lending behaviors. And the concept of an arbitrary rule to remove two regulations for every one passed? It screams as a prime example of an edict from a short-sighted leader with no regard for any of us.

Joan Fox, Wichita


In the Nov. 10 article about the canceling of the Veterans Day parade, a person said “The Veterans Day Parade is the most important parade in Wichita….” If that is true (I like to think that it is), then why is it not scheduled to be held on Veterans Day?

I for one am sick and tired of nearly every parade being regulated to a Saturday affair. I am unable to attend any of them because of my religious beliefs. The festivities ought to be held on the day on which it was originally intended to be celebrated. If it should fall on a day on which you or I cannot attend, perhaps “better luck next year.” I’d love to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade, but no, it’s on Saturday. If attendance numbers are the reason, explain why the largest attendance of any parade held in Wichita is the Sundown Parade to start the Riverfest. It is held on Friday evening.

It’s bad enough we ignore the true birth dates of our historical heroes and change them all to be remembered on Mondays for our convenience. But for this, arguably the “most important parade in Wichita” and all of the others, let us go back to celebrating on the actual day. You cannot please all the people all of the time but I and others are left out all the time. Going back to the actual day would mean that everyone would eventually see the event celebrated on a day which he/she could take part.

James Craig, Wichita

Another use

I don't know what will happen with the old Joyland property, but I have an idea for a project that hopefully will bring as much enjoyment to Wichitans as it did. What about putting an aquarium and water park on the property? We have neither of those things in the area right now, and I think it would be great for both Wichitans and out-of-towners. An indoor aquarium could still bring in visitors when it's too cold to use an outdoor water park, and it could help to make the water park into something more than just a plain old park with pools and slides. The two elements could be combined to create something unique in Kansas, and perhaps even in this country. I think it's certainly worth a try!

Jody Mosier, Towanda