Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Oct. 11, 2018)

Tax cuts will benefit all workers

Professor Emeritus Flentje, in “If Trump havoc doesn’t motivate Kansas Democrats...”(Oct. 6), laments that the Donald’s tax bill favors those with the highest incomes. But the buying habits of those high earners – who historically spend 75 percent of their (now increased) income dollars – will benefit those workers who provide the additional products and services those big spenders will buy. And those workers won’t be other rich folks.

Harry R. Clements, Wichita

Have we forgotten about future generations?

We need to get back to loving our children more than we hate our enemies. We’ve lost this by elevating tribalism and hatred to be our driving government force. This is totally self-destructive. It didn’t used to be like this.

Following World War II, our “greatest generation” created programs to help rebuild the countries of our enemies – Japan and Germany. After almost 400,000 military deaths and $4 Trillion (in today’s money – adjusted for inflation), we then invested much more to rebuild the countries that were decimated. Think about that.

Why would we do that? Because we knew it was the only way to provide a safer and less volatile world for future generations. THAT WAS WHAT MADE AMERICA GREAT. We demonstrated a greater love for the next generation than hatred for our enemies.

In the final month before mid-term elections, my advice is please listen to what the candidates are saying. Are they focusing more on hatred of perceived enemies rather than love for others? Are they talking about education, children’s healthcare, children’s safety, a healthy and sustainable environment, a stable international world with enforcement abilities, and a budget structure that doesn’t create onerous debt for future generations?

Please read the candidates platforms and attend the town halls and debates. Ask them about these issues – not why they think we should hate each other.

Adam Lukens, Wichita

Support America First policies

During the Oct. 16 Trump Rally at the Topeka Expocentre, I witnessed 10,000 attendees inside, with 5,000 or more unable to get in.

POTUS brought the house down with his passionate, down-to-earth, MAGA and Keep-America-Great, rhetoric. To view some of the issues which POTUS addressed, go to www.magapill.com. You will find approximately 325 policy items listed that pertain to what the Trump Administration has accomplished or been involved with since he became President.

There is something for everybody on that impressive list, so please look it over and register to vote by Oct. 16, for those candidates who need to go to Congress and give support to President Trump's agenda, which is really a pro-United-States-of-America agenda.

If the Democrat Party takes back the U.S. Congress in the November midterms, among other things, their leadership intends to bring impeachment proceedings against POTUS Trump and newly-confirmed Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

Carolyn Simms, Republic

Questions to ask ahead of the election

As the November elections approaches, Americans should be asking three questions: do we want affordable health care for all, do want a president who is being accused with colluding with Russia to rig the 2016 elections, and should Brett Kavanaugh remain on the court?

The answer to the first question should be easy. Of course we should, but as long as the conservatives argue the narrow guidelines of the Constitution, that will never happen, as we have seen with their attempt to over-turn the Affordable Care Act. What is needed are changes in our Constitution, changes that reflect what America is today, not what America was in 1787.

The answer to the second question should be equally easy. The Trump Tower meeting in 2016 and the subsequent events that have been made public before that meeting and after leave little doubt that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to rig our elections.

The third question can be answered by asking two questions - why did the Republican majority suppress all documents pertaining to Kavanaugh while he worked at the Bush White House, and did Kavanaugh lie when asked specific questions regarding this time period. If the Democrats flip the House and the Senate back to their control, then answers to these questions can finally be answered.

Michal Betz, Wichita