Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (July 23)

Misguided on closing libraries

Thank you, city of Wichita, for a poor library decision.

You spend millions of dollars on a big, new, unneeded, unattractive library to replace a library with an award-winning design that could have been enlarged simply by extending its second floor to the north and south to a full second floor.

Now you are closing two neighborhood libraries to pay for the new library. I have to ask: Do you even care about the will of our citizens?

James A. Craig, Wichita

Kennedy for Kansas House 87th

It is a pleasure to endorse Jeff Kennedy for the Kansas House of Representatives in the 87th District (east Wichita).

Jeff is not new to the district, as he has lived at his current residence for over 20 years and understands the needs of the voters. He is an accomplished attorney, having practiced for over 30 years in Wichita.

Jeff has committed considerable time and energy to several causes, including his University of Kansas and Washburn University alma maters.

Jeff describes himself as a problem solver and will be a viable force to build consensus in the Legislature. We need Jeff to continue pursuing a course for Kansas which emphasizes job growth, assures responsible fiscal management of state resources, provides suitable health care for all Kansans, and advocates for proper funding to K-12 and higher education.

Our state can’t afford to bog down by reliving failed experiments and ill-thought policies which plunged our state into crisis after crisis impacting thousands of Kansans. A corrective course of action began in 2016 and must continue on the same path in the years ahead. Jeff’s experience and leadership abilities will offer new opportunities for Kansas to prosper.

Rep. Roger Elliott,

R-87th District

Farm Bill provision

It is exciting for many Wichitans to learn that we are receiving a new Cheddars restaurant (Thursday’s Eagle), yet there is dismal news for the 71,780 people in Sedgwick County who are food insecure and face even more harm with potential cuts to SNAP by the House of Representatives Farm Bill.

Kansas is divided on this issue. While Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran have worked hard to create a Farm Bill that supports both Kansas farmers and families on SNAP, the House version proposes harmful cuts to SNAP, which could take food off the table for 2 million low-income Americans.

I am urging Rep. Ron Estes to push for a bipartisan Farm Bill that gives families a chance to eat now.

Tracia Banuelos, Wichita

Kobach mistaken on tuition

Kris Kobach, secretary of state and candidate for governor, is blaming “670 illegal aliens taking advantage of in-state tuition” for tuition hikes at state universities. He wants to charge those students out-of-state tuition (“Kobach joins rally supporting ICE,” July 15 Eagle).

The truth is, Kobach is covering for a failed tax experiment that has nearly bankrupt the Kansas economy. Kobach is no longer limiting his racist policies to suppressing voters. He now wants to suppress the dream of higher education.

The increased cost of attending college is a result of huge cuts in state funding for higher education, not a small percentage of undocumented immigrants enrolling.

Like all Kansans, undocumented immigrants pay taxes. In fact, undocumented immigrants in Kansas pay more than $67.8 million in state and local taxes annually. With years of dwindling enrollments at our universities, students could realize even greater increases if we were to lose the in-state tuition being paid by undocumented immigrants who live, work and pay taxes in our communities.

Kobach is wrong. He is led by hate and racism and is not fit to serve the state of Kansas.

Cathy Green, Wichita