Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (July 11)

Inexplicable solar energy policy

I attended the June 28 Kansas Corporation Commission hearing in Wichita on the proposed rate increase and tariff on distributed energy. Shocking though it may seem, not one member of the public spoke in favor of the rate increase or in favor of the tariff on solar energy users.

Solar panels are sold to consumers on two main grounds: (1) It is clean energy and can help diminish the impact of fossil fuel energy generation; and (2) By reducing energy costs for the consumer, the solar panels will pay for themselves in reduced energy bills. Westar proposes to add a tariff to those using clean energy because the fossil-fuel industry fears effective competition and wishes to hamper the growth of solar and clean energy in Kansas.

We should subsidize the clean energy industries rather than subsidizing oil and gas. Many solar panel installers spoke out against the tariff, stating it could decimate the solar industry in Kansas.

Please speak out against the rate increase and the tariff on clean energy generation. The public comment period remains open until July 18. The docket number at the KCC.ks.gov is 18-WSEE-328-RTS.

Liz Carson, Wichita

Saving the soccer team

Whatever we might think about the plight of the Thai soccer team and its coach in a vast cave system, what to me is most beautiful is the huge international effort to save these children and their coach.

One skilled diver has already died in an attempt to place more tanks along the exit route. Exiting this cave, in the dark, never having used scuba equipment, is to me beyond imagination.

The fact that many countries are coming together in this effort is a statement on cross-cultural humanism of the highest order. Bravo to the brave men who risked their lives to bring these kids home.

Morghan Chambers, Wichita

Memories made with music

Thousands of Wichitans enjoyed five great Summer Jazz Concerts at Bradley Fair this year. These free concerts, happening annually since 2000, are made possible by many wonderful sponsors and show that jazz is alive and well here in Wichita.

Thank you to everyone who attended to the concerts, to all of the sponsors and especially to Bradley Fair for hosting this Wichita tradition again this year.

Steve Bauer, Wichita

Pitts and conservatives

Gee, Leonard Pitts, I always thought of myself as a conservative. But I had a hard time seeing myself in your current assessment of conservatives (“A liberal with no alternative,” Monday’s Eagle).

You remind me of the old story about the group of blind men meeting an elephant for the first time. You laid a hand on a part of the creature and in your blindness assumed it represents the whole in its entirety. You are unable to see beyond that which your experience forms your convictions. Even your fellow blind men hold to their own convictions according to what part of the elephant they experienced.

Blindness is a handicap. Good luck with yours.

Larry Novak, Augusta

Bigger news

Why wasn’t the June 16 story about the U.S. drone killing the leader of the Pakistani Taliban on the front page of The Eagle? When we stop a mass murder of children, it shouldn’t be buried on page 10.

Perhaps I should be grateful you reported it at all.

Claudia Ritter-Tuttle, Haysville

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