Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (July 4)

A day to remember responsibility

On Independence Day, a celebration of our country’s signing of the Declaration of Independence, we should hold our federal and state governments to their responsibilities.

One of many things I highly recommend you read is the Code of Conduct for U. S. Judges (uscourts.gov). Within this Code, one of many requirements is that judges base their decisions and rulings on actual law and not based on their personal opinions nor be politically motivated when making their rulings.

As President Trump goes through his selection of judicial nominees and when the nominees are questioned by Congress, the nominee’s response should not be that they have already made decisions on certain issues, but that they would research standing laws and any prior precedence.

Americans have become too complacent with how administrations carry out their duties. Write letters, run for office, email representatives and most importantly vote.

Tricia Glidewell, Wichita

From another era

“All American citizens, whether born here or elsewhere, whether of one creed or another, stand on the same footing’ We welcome every honest immigrant no matter from what country he comes, provided only that he leaves off his former nationality, and remains neither Celt nor Saxon, neither Frenchman nor German but becomes an American, desirous of fulfilling in good faith the duties of American citizenship.” — Theodore Roosevelt. July 4, 1886

Carolyn Winn, Wichita

Kudos to Estes

Recently, the House of Representatives voted on a so-called compromise immigration bill which would have granted amnesty to between 1.8 and 3.5 million illegal aliens. This bill was voted down 121-301.

I am glad Rep. Ron Estes voted against this proposal, the only representative from Kansas to do so. Congress needs to fix our country’s immigration system. But a fix should not come at the cost of granting citizenship to millions who have broken the law.

Conservatives should not be quick to cave to those on the left calling to abolish ICE, open our borders, and give blanket amnesty to millions of people here illegally. These extremist views will make our country less safe and spur others to break the law. I am proud Estes understands this and is among those fighting for common-sense solutions and the rule of law.

Treatha Brown Foster, Wichita

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