Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (Nov. 6)

Tyson is in the driver’s seat

Our economic development team is all excited about Tyson. More business, more jobs, that’s the heart of Capitalism.

Jobs that produce opportunity for the previously oppressed. Wow, let’s hope our eco-devo team’s dreams match Tyson’s goals.

After 20 years of successfully paying $10 to $13 wages in small towns and with record profits last year, and becoming a bigger polluter than any of the oil companies, can we really negotiate a better deal with Tyson to help south-central Kansas?

They have the cash to build a slaughterhouse and water treatment plant of their own. They have the cash to provide a good living wage to our citizens.

Capitalism is wonderful when it enhances the lives of everyone.

Hoyt Hillman, Wichita

Give Trump some credit

I have never seen a president who has accomplish so much in such a short period of time and received so little credit as Donald Trump. Maybe some people have become so accustomed to failure, they don't know what success looks like anymore.

Gregory Bontrager,


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