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Letters to the Editor (Oct. 3): Puerto Rico, Trish Hileman, bierocks, NFL

When it’s election time, NFL

I hope the NFL players remember what was done and said over the previous weekend when they enter the polls in 2020.

Ellen Yocum, North Newton

Don’t expect fan dollars, NFL

Dear NFL,

I’m getting barraged this morning with NFL Shop email advertisements for your “Salute to Service” apparel collection.

Just so I get this straight: “Insult to Service” comes free with my game ticket or tuning in on TV, but you want me to pay for my “Salute to Service?”

Sorry, I’m not buying — no tickets, no TV viewing, no apparel.

Paul Lytle, Wichita

Mayor Cruz leading in San Juan

For much of last week, I watched the pleas for help from San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, and those got more intense as the days passed. She did not disagree that a good deal of aid in many forms had reached Puerto Rico, but there was no person designated to coordinate the relief effort.

There have been enough devastating hurricanes in recent years, that a plan should be in place for dealing with that. We learned from President Trump that Puerto Rico is an island surrounded by lots, and lots of water, and that was the problem. It seems to me like a complex ballet with no choreographer, and she has been verbally abused for her efforts.

As Cruz continues to criticize the rescue/aid fiasco, my first view of her days ago was going door to door in hip-deep water looking for people needing help, I saw someone not just giving lip service. This event will continue for years to be seen as a shameful response to American citizens. Personally, I would love to see Cruz named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2017.

Ginny Sartorius, Wichita

Hileman for Wichita school board

I support Trish Hileman for District 2 on the Wichita school board. We need new approaches to make improvements for low-income students in Wichita. Effort has been made, but one-third of our most vulnerable children are unable to read by third grade, and fewer than 50 percent in our high schools are on grade level for math. We have been unable to close the achievement gap between minority and white students. These are critical problems, with a serious impact on the students’ future and the community’s future.

We have a new superintendent eager to made progress on these challenges. She needs engaged and informed board members, open to supporting new approaches.

Trish would bring a fresh and unique perspective. Although not a former teacher or staff member, she has experience in the district. The Hilemans have five children, all who attend Wichita public schools. She has great respect for teachers and has worked closely with many.

Trish also has leadership experience, having been a PTO president and a leader of her neighborhood association. She has a business degree, with a minor in economics — important qualifications for a $600 million enterprise.

Fred Berry, Wichita

Hedrick for Wichita school board

Perhaps the most important capacity a school board member can offer is the ability to manage resources well.

Julie Hedrick (District 2) has years of experience doing just that. She is a careful and clear-thinking person who can cut through political sentiment and political hype to focus on the one thing that really matters: the students themselves.

Richard Spilman, Wichita

Background on bierocks

I would like to correct some “food lore” about bierocks.

I was raised in a Mennonite family with both sides of my family emigrating from the Alexanderwohl village in Russia in 1874. These people had no idea what a bierock was. But my mother met Eva May, whose family had roots in the Russian Volga region and learned to bake this wonderful creation. These settlers from the Volga region were Lutherans and Catholics.

John Buller, Hesston

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