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Letters to the Editor (Sept. 28): Kansas Democrats, Walt Chappell

Kansas Democrats targeting Yingling

Casey Yingling, secretary of the Kansas Democratic Party, is a loyal democrat. She has worked for many candidates as a volunteer and paid staff. She has integrity, honesty and is a good friend. She does not deserve the accusations of misconduct and innuendos of dishonesty, when all are untrue. Nor was there any conflict. And she is the only Wichitan on the KDP executive committee.

The motion voted on by the Democratic officers was whether the Democratic Party should spend $20,000 to send advanced ballot applications to Democrats in hopes they would vote in the special election. In a letter to Democrats, the chair of the KDP, John Gibson, insinuates that it is time to stop officers from meddling for personal gain in a primary. The motion did not concern a primary but was for the special election for Congress. Neither James Thompson’s campaign, nor Ms. Yingling, would receive any monetary amount. Sending advance ballot applications is a common practice.

Democrats should be showcasing their excellent gubernatorial candidates, Carl Brewer, Jim Ward and Josh Svaty, at the upcoming Demofest and stop the squabbling. Winning elections should be the main focus.

Jean Kurtis Schodorf,


Chappell for school board

I strongly endorse Dr. Walt Chappell in the Nov. 7 election to serve on the Wichita school board.

I have known and worked with Dr. Chappell for 17 years as a community advocate. He has vast experience in teaching as well as business. He is dedicated, truthful and diligently serves in his community. Dr. Chappell is an advocate for social justice/social change, equality, constitutional policing, and stands strong in providing our children with an education that is useful, practical and beneficial for the student and community.

His goal as a school board member is to represent and give voice to the students and their parents. Dr. Chappell also understands the plight of our teachers and the challenges they face. He is strong, yet shows compassion; he is firm, yet displays fairness; he is financially astute, and has a strong business sense.

Our children need an experienced, fair, practical voice on the Wichita school board. Not only will he listen, but after listening, act to make sure that each student is prepared for college or a career of their choice.

Sheila Officer, Wichita

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