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Letters to the Editor (Sept. 25): Clean energy, religious freedom, Brandon Johnson

Wind energy more profitable for Kansas

Congratulations to rate payers and the investors in Sunflower Electric, owners of Holcomb’s coal-fired power plant, and Tri-State Generation, its project partner in the push for another smokestack power plant in Kansas.

After 10 years and $93 million, Tri-State’s directors concluded wind energy to be more profitable and faster to build than another fossil fuel facility. Wind generates electricity at prices well below coal without polluting or competing with towns and farms for water.

Finding ways that make business sense to move to clean low-priced energy, as Holcomb’s owners are doing, describes the goal of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. By using a revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend, a fee is placed on fossil fuels then refunded to the public.

By moving from dirty fuel to renewables, the utility avoids that cost. With this plan in place, it shouldn’t take business 10 years to make the right choice.

Darrel Hart, Wichita

Topeka prison complaint without merit

Shari Webber-Dunn wants to impose her will on the hundreds of other prisoners (“Kansas prisons impose Christian ‘propaganda,’ inmate alleges,” Thursday’s Eagle). No one is forcing her to participate in bible studies or prayers. She is violating her own religion. The law of Thelema “also prohibits one from interfering with the true will of any other person.”

If judges in Kansas rule that Christians are not allowed to practice their religion, then they will be guilty of violating the establishment clause of the Constitution. Forcing people to express no religion in public is still establishing religion.

Perhaps allowing Christian activities also helps prisoners cope and lower recidivism upon release.

Fitzgerald Katz, Topeka

Johnson is a leader for City Council District 1

Brandon Johnson, Wichita City Council District 1 candidate, is a problem solver. He makes it his business to network all over Wichita with movers and shakers, those who have little to no voice, and loads of folks in between. Brandon believes every resident has a contribution to make.

When issues come up, Brandon creates a conversation. He pulls together people who live with the problem, those who have the power to make the needed improvements and those who know how to get the job done. Working this way around a table together means that the solution will directly address the problem, is achievable and will operate successfully.

Brandon has repeatedly been part of the solution to Wichita’s issues. Whether it’s working with youth to be successful in their first job or showing people how to create a community garden. From working with law enforcement to build mutual trust with communities to his ongoing seats on state and local advisory boards, Brandon brings together people from divergent backgrounds to successfully create a fresh answer to the problem at hand.

Brandon Johnson will be the kind of leader that Wichita needs.

Mary Ware, Wichita

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