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Letters to the Editor (Sept. 26): North Korea, candidate endorsement, DACA

Nothing not option with North Korea

When I was a child, I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis under John F. Kennedy. It was one of the most critical periods of his presidency.

The issue then was the Soviet Union secretly shipping nuclear missiles to Cuba in order to assure their ability to launch a virtually guaranteed successful nuclear strike on the United States.

If North Korea is on the fast track to succeeding in developing a missile that can close the protection distance from North Korea to the United States, does it really make any difference whether the security of the United States is challenged by more advanced technology this time, rather than by a attempt to gain close physical proximity?

President Trump needs to look at whether he is about to sleepwalk the United States into nuclear jeopardy by doing nothing. There is still enough protection by shear distance to offer America her last chance not to come under a indefinite nuclear threat from an unstable brutal dictator.

John Williamson, Wichita

Hedrick knows Wichita schools

I am writing to endorse Julie Hedrick for Wichita Board of Education. Julie is a unique candidate, as she has worked with virtually all schools in the district, and as a parent sent her own children to Wichita schools. Julie understands the importance of educating a diverse population with a variety of needs and is greatly aware of the complexity of providing a positive learning environment for all Wichita students.

I believe that Julie will ask the tough questions and listen to all parties involved to make informed decisions. She is dedicated to USD 259 and wants to give back in yet another way. Julie would make a great addition to the Wichita Public Schools Board of Education!

Karen Pickert, Wichita

Estes should support Dream Act

How did those in DACA disregard our nation’s laws when they were brought here as children by parents who needed work or to escape from repression and violence? Trade deals like NAFTA, wars and U.S.-supported regime changes have disrupted societies all over the world and driven migration. Human beings and minor children are not “illegal.”

Immigrants benefit our society, economy and quality of life. Immigrants create 40 percent of all small businesses and they pay Social Security, Medicare, property, sales and income taxes. Kansas agriculture is so dependent on immigrant labor that The Kansas Chamber and Kansas farmers and ranchers — part of the Kansas Business Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform — actively lobbied for passage of the 2013 immigration reform bill. The bill failed in Congress with the entire Kansas delegation voting no.

It’s time for the Kansas Republican Party to denounce the racism and white supremacy which are the basis of the anti-immigrant, law and order hysteria. Rep. Ron Estes should support the Dream Act and agree to a dialog with local Dreamers.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s anti-immigrant bills can’t pass in the legislature because most legislators understand the benefits immigrant populations bring to our cities, towns and rural areas.

Janice Bradley, Wichita

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