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Letters to the Editor (Sept. 23): Dr. Reddy, seniors’ home health, Brandon Johnson

Reddy’s inspiration

Psychiatrist Achutha Reddy lost his life while helping others.

I didn’t have the good fortune to get to know Dr. Reddy on a personal basis. However, as a practicing colleague, I came to know him through his patients sharing instances of him going above and beyond.

At his memorial service, I learned of his countless actions of altruism and contagious optimism in other aspects of his life.

I also witnessed the strength and grace exhibited by his family, especially that of his wife, Beena. Her comments were so comforting as they evoked memories of this great man. There was not a dry eye in that packed place.

As I hear stories about him from his close friends, I’m forced to stop and think of the important things in life. Dr. Reddy clearly was a man who knew this well, leading him to dedicate his life to having a positive impact on the lives he touched. In this world full of people with personal ambitions and aspirations, there are not many like him around.

His example inspires me to be a better man. I’m confident I’m not the only one.

Moneeshindra Mittal, Wichita

Seniors’ home care in limbo

A recent proposal by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services could jeopardize seniors’ access to quality home health.

Known as the Home Health Groupings Model, the proposal would dramatically change the way Medicare pays for home health. As a result, many providers — especially rural ones — would struggle to adapt to new regulations due to increased administrative burdens and further cuts.

CMS also neglected to consult the home health community.

It doesn’t have to be this way. CMS should take the time to work with stakeholders to create policies that ensure beneficiaries can continue to access care. Our Congressional representatives should urge CMS to withdraw the proposed HHGM and work with the home health community to fix the payment model.

Julie Norrod, Wichita

Johnson’s qualities good for District 1

There’s criteria I hold candidates to when deciding who’s earned my vote.

I need to see that there’s an ongoing conversation with constituents, policy makers and implementers. Collaboration is key. Are they working alongside agencies that have the ability to improve my community’s quality of life?

I need to see there is transparency within their work and dedication to increase this across the board. What we don’t know does and can hurt us.

I need to see a plan of how to get from A to Z. You can tell me the problems we face and what needs to be changed, but without a framework of approach to these problems, you aren't doing anything but talking and walking in circles.

I assess how a candidate interacts with opponents. This provides information on their character. This is why I have supported and will continue to support Brandon Johnson. He not only demonstrates these qualities, but I’ve seen his work and the investments he makes daily to connect the pieces ensuring we have a solid network of community resources and opportunity.

NaQuela Pack, Wichita

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