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Letters to the Editor (Sept. 19): Kansas flag, Hillary Clinton, cell phones, downtown

Kansas flag has sentimentality

During the 2014 gubernatorial campaign, I retrieved my old Kansas flag from where it had been stored for more than 45 years. My mother had asked the governor’s office to send a flag to me in Vietnam in 1967, and I proudly flew it from my duece and a half on the roads from Danang to the DMZ. I dug it out, hoping to have it hoisted above the Capitol one time if Paul Davis had won. Alas.…

Now I read that there is an effort to have our flag redesigned. I like to think, at 70, I do fairly well keeping up with, or at least understanding, some of the advances in technologies and cultural issues. I may not embrace all of it, but I accept it. New is not necessarily bad. But I must say, I have a very strong attachment to our old flag. It traveled over hundreds of miles of mine-ladened roads, and quite frankly, I don’t recall anyone saying, “What state is that from?” Most of us could read. So, do what you want with our flag but I will always cherish my old one.

Mike Sturgell, Wichita

This is what happened

I watched the interview with Hillary Clinton about her new book, “What Happened,” on “PBS News Hour.” It could have been titled, “Why Me!”

The thing that was most telling for me about the 2016 campaign was when the president of Mexico invited both candidates to Mexico for a visit. Clinton didn’t go, while Donald Trump boarded a plane and went there. I thought, “Good for him.” How can you ever solve your problems if you never talk to each other.

I’m glad Trump is stirring things up in Washington. That’s what he was hired for. One of the other things that I found most promising during the campaign is that his own Republican Party seemed to be disenchanted with him. That doesn’t excuse his comments or personality defects, but if he turns out to be a good president, I’d be happy.

It appears that he is reaching out to include the other party in talks, and he apparently understands the art of compromise. That’s what the President is suppose to do.

The American public is so sick of the gridlock in Washington that they can’t get anything done. We want someone who can bring both parties together.

Dona Baba, Wichita

Power those phones down

I don’t think parents today send their kids to school to snap with their friends on Snapchat, send text messages back and forth and listen to music on their cell phones. I think parents today send their kids to school to learn, get an education ,better themselves and be fully functioning human beings in a world that is Rife with competition.

Although I know the calculator on your cell phone can be handy, the calendar can tell you when assignments are due, reminders to yourself are important, but all those things can be looked at before school starts in the morning or the night before, to help you prepare for the day.

Yes, cell phones are a necessary evil, but I think by using them before and after school, or at lunch time kids can still be connected.

Hopefully the school board and District administrators will come to an agreement on a policy that is enforceable and that both students and teachers and parents can live within.

Jeanne-Marie Neuroth,


Downtown development

London will never tear down Big Ben, Paris loves the Eiffel Tower, and Rome features and preserves the Coliseum because all these structures have become symbols of their city. Century II is unique to our city. It is shown in every commercial and tourist photo of Wichita. So, renovate or expand, but please do not tear down this beautiful building.

One of the joys of Wichita is driving on McLean along the river in the downtown area. I hope our leaders will stop giving our views of the river away to commercial interests. We lost one to the construction of Exploration Place, and now what was a beautiful view of the river is blocked by the huge, ugly apartment complex, along with a concrete parking garage which will be the view from our new library.

Selling off the areas around Century II surely guarantees even more of our river views will be blocked. Thus far, the city bargaining with commercial interests for spaces along the river has not gone well. The $7 million given to Gander Mountain set a concrete block building on the river, now empty, and Gander Mountain is bankrupt.

Pat Lehman, Wichita

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