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Letters to the Editor (Sept. 8): Dreamers, Harvey, child abuse, rats

Don’t deport Dreamers

The parents of the Dreamers were encouraged to slip into this country so they could provide cheap labor for our farms and households. All American citizens have benefited from this and thus we are all partially responsible for the current situation. We should accept that responsibility and urge our representatives and Senators to fairly resolve the problem. Since the children have been raised as loyal Americans, they should be granted citizenship, and they and their families should be allowed to stay.

Yes, to some degree, this is unfair to those who sought but were denied legal entrance. (Many of whom then came in illegally.) But we should not be radically unfair to the DACA children merely because we can’t be perfectly fair to everyone.

Gerald Paske, Wichita

Recognizing the change

Hurricane Harvey has wrought its horror of death and devastation and we must support and help those affected in their recovery. Written in its awful wind and rain is the message of climate change, and our human impact on it.

It is important to rebuild and it is crucial to do so intelligently, utilizing energy efficient methods and developing in a way that we address how our concreting over the land had created some of the conditions that have resulted in disastrous flooding from such a terrible storm. It is important to understand that nature will not be appeased by climate change denial, and that when we uproot a tree, we uproot ourselves.

It is predicted that if we do not address these issues, we and the rest of the world can expect greater frequency and intensity of such hurricanes, along with other horrible global warming consequences to progressively get worse. We have a right to regulations that protect our environment. We have a right to demand from our federal agencies the truth about climate change.

Charles Gaynor, Bel Aire

Abuse community problem

It’s a tough day. I attended the Leadership Team Meeting for the Wichita Coalition for Child Abuse Prevention. We discussed the 3-year-old child that was discovered in the concrete structure. And as always the discussion centers around what we as a coalition could have, or should be doing in response to this tragedy. Unless you know me, you may not know, but after burying my own 15-month-old grandson in 2009, I take the death of children personally. Child maltreatment growing with an increase in use of opioids, meth, heroin and other drugs. It’s growing with an increase of domestic violence. The children that are having to be removed from the home are outpacing our foster care system’s ability to find willing and good homes to place these children.

What will we, as a community, as a state, as a country, do when this problem grows to the extent that we literally run out of places to put these children? Child maltreatment is a societal problem. It’s my problem. It’s your problem. We must do a better job of addressing the broken systems that we have, which until addressed, will allow child maltreatment to continue to grow.

Cindy Miles, Wichita

Rats foiled again

I have been reading about the rat infestation in east Wichita and understand that there is a strong possibility that they are cotton rats, not Norway rats. The difference is that the cotton rat is native to woodlands in Kansas and the Norway is exotic.

I’m writing because I live near Derby in a densely wooded area where we have a lot of cotton rats commonly called pack rats. My advice is to protect the wiring in your automobiles. In the fall they tend to get into the engine compartment and gnaw on the wiring, causing shorts in the electrical system. I have learned the hard way that they can cause expensive electrical auto damage. The solution is to bait with poison rat bars under the hood and also put your hood up when parked because they prefer dark, confined areas.

If you notice nests of sticks and seeds, grass and acorns in the recesses of your garage and out buildings then you have cotton rats. Cut but an automotive nightmare.

Marshall McHenry, Derby

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