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Letters to the Editor (Sept. 7): Opioids, standing down, Chief Garcia, clean energy, politics

Opioids have many types of abusers

Again, nanny-state fools and political grandstanders are pushing for a blanket ban on opioids, compeletely ignoring legitimate pain patients who have safely followed the rules for years without any problem.

Let doctors be doctors, keep the politicians out of it, and prosecute the abusers rather than legitimate patients.

David Springs, Wichita

No standing down

Every time a police officer fails to protect a peaceful protester from the mob or stands idly by and watches public property being vandalized it becomes a greater threat to the constitution then the mob itself.

Around the world, U.S. soldiers have fought heroically against evil only to be betrayed at home by cowardly civil authorities who wither in the face of organized violence by groups like Antifa.

When the Berkley, Calif., police fail to protect peaceful protesters from “10-on-1” violence, I wonder what master they serve — because it is not the Constitution of the United States.

These civil servants dishonor the men and woman who have paid the ultimate price by their failure to safeguard constitutionally protected speech.

Have we become a third-world country that passively allows masked thugs to rule the streets of our cities and strike at the core values of our democracy?

Gregory Bontrager, Hutchinson

Political parties aren’t that dissimilar

As Republicans in D.C. prepare their pious and patriotic tax cuts, spending by the federal government continues to increase and the republic’s debt delusion is set to grow as fast or faster than when the Democrats were in power.

So what distinguishes the national Republican and Democratic parties from one another? They simply use different arguments to justify their joint practice of the same evil. Republicans cut taxes without addressing spending. Democrats increase spending without addressing taxes.

Both parties lay their bloody deficits on the altar of the Federal Reserve and beg forgiveness for their sin in what has become a degenerate fiscal and monetary liturgy.

In the end, the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats are mere semantics designed to make the American public think their vote makes a difference.

Our disenfranchisement has not occurred by redistricting or via voter registration laws. It has occurred to us all when we believe the cruel lie that the Republican and Democratic parties are fundamentally different.

Bob Love, Wichita

Remembering Fire Chief Garcia

It’s been over 20 years since I was a staff member of the Downtown Law, Public and Social Service magnet high school. It was a Wichita public school that was located on the ninth floor of City Hall. It was truly a life-changing experience. As with most schools, we had textbooks, but what made us stand out was the fact that we were given the opportunity to utilize the professional expertise of the police department, fire department and even the mayor herself.

Some 20 years later, I constantly run into students who are police and sheriff’s officers, lawyers and firefighters. They all say the same thing: the downtown magnet set them on their career path.

When I read of the malcontents that are so prevalent in society today, I can’t help but think of how public servants such as Lt. Mike McKenna, Det. Winston Kenton, Mayor Elma Broadfoot, and Chief Larry Garcia touch and influenced so many lives. When I read of Chief Garcia’s passing, my heart was saddened. But in that same moment I realized that this gentle, caring man, who touched so many lives, would always be with us.

Philomene Peete, Wichita

Limits of clean energy

A letter to the editor (Aug. 11) asked “if the contributions of wind and solar doubles every five years, how long will it take to replace most other forms of energy?” The short answer is it can never happen. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, electric energy provided by sun and wind now supposes one-third of the nation’s total energy needs. The remaining two-thirds of the nation’s energy requirements, such as air and water travel and heating buildings, is not adaptable for electric energy.

There is a note of irony because, of all the various sources of energy, only solar energy and wind power are not dependable because of the vagaries of the weather. No sun, no energy. If the wind blows outside of a certain velocity range, no energy. Since electricity cannot be stored in any practical amount, when the weather does not cooperate, backup fossil-fueled generators must kick in to pick up the slack.

David Gudeman, Wichita

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