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Letters to the Editor (Aug. 30): Rats

Could feral cats be the answer to rat problems?
Could feral cats be the answer to rat problems? File photo

Cats vs. rats

Why not use natural methods to control the rats (Tuesday’s Eagle)? The city has resisted endorsing a trap, neuter and return policy to control the population of feral cats and has continued trapping and killing cats just because they exist. Feral cat colonies that are properly cared for will control the rat population as well as controlling other small rodents without the costs and dangers associated with the use of poisons.

Think back to the Black Death in the middle ages. At that time, the Pope had condemned black cats and huge numbers of cats were killed because they were thought to be Satanic. Since cats are natural predators of rats and were no longer around in sufficient numbers to keep the rats under control, the rat population exploded. The fleas on the rats are thought to have carried the Black Plague, which killed millions of people.

We probably don’t have to worry about the Black Death, but certainly, wouldn’t natural methods of controlling rodent populations be healthier and less costly all around? Tell your councilperson to endorse trap, neuter and return for feral cats.

Sue Schamp, Wichita

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