Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (June 28)

Green energy

I read with interest the column by Ed Cross about energy and the need for American energy independence. I’m afraid I need some help defining the “extreme environmental activist.” Is it a person who favors any type of energy besides fossil fuels? Is it a person who wishes to return the United States to using coal entirely to produce our electric power?

I would guess that Cross did not enjoy the latest statistics from the alternative energy sector: In the first three months of 2017 the entire United States derived 10 percent of its electric power from solar and wind energy.

If you look at the mathematical curve describing the growth of solar and wind power in the past 10 years, it is exponential. Naysayers regarding green energy have said for years it is a mere Boy Scout experiment, it will never produce significant power.

The power that was produced last year by green energy sources in the United States exceeds the total electric power consumed by the entire nation in the year 1950. The United States at that time was a highly developed industrial nation that was producing vast quantities of steel, and other high-value, energy-intensive products.

There is no question that if we stay on course with where we have begun, green energy sources will clearly surpass fossil fuels for every purpose within the next few years.

If Cross is so interested in American energy independence I am puzzled as to how he can be opposed to American green energy. By definition green energy must be produced here in our country and nowhere else.

Patrick J Pirotte, Wichita

Homeless downtown

The recent Eagle article, “Should city make the homeless leave downtown Wichita park?” was bothersome. It cited the possibility that this current oasis in the core area be replaced with a stretch of artificial turf and a solitary row of trees (depicted in the artist’s sketch at their maturity). The article’s focus was on the homeless who tend to frequent the park and the associated image that might provide attendees of March Madness at Intrust in 2018.

The city does not need yet another plot devoid of shade; be it hot concrete, artificial turf or dirt. We created a large, hot concrete pad in the form of a lot at Second and St. Francis. Water Walk has nearly completely failed to bring its conceptual promise, which included an amphitheater, strolling paths and multiple “destination features.” The river corridor has been commercialized by the apartment community under construction on the west bank and occupying a large plat of former green space.

March Madness will come and it will go; we will always have the homeless. We need to face up to that reality - as all cities must. (Experience with Riverfest validates that in general, the homeless tend to avoid the areas of greatest traffic for periods of busyness anyway). I would ask that we consider further enhancing lighting in Naftzger, improving some sight lines and consider adding video surveillance as in Old Town; but do not gut the park in favor of yet another hot, shadeless venue on this site.

Dave Carter, Wichita

Witch hunt

When special counsel (former FBI director) Robert Mueller finds that Trump did nothing wrong, how long will it take before the Maxine Waters wing of the Democratic Party accuses Mueller of being a tool of Vladimir Putin, too?

The nation is objectively better off from Trump’s first day in office, unless you listen to the media, who have parsed the words of “unnamed sources” to create the illusion of wrongdoing.

Is this what the Salem witch trials looked like in the 17th century? Maybe we should reinstate “spectral evidence,” because without it, Democrats haven’t got a shred of proof that Trump did anything illegal.

When this witch hunt is over, the only thing that will be evident is a concerted disinformation campaign against Trump by the mainstream media and the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Another media manufactured crisis will be looming as soon as this one ends.

Gregory H. Bontrager, Hutchinson

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