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Letters to the Editor (June 15)


A contributor commented that he was surprised that The Wichita Eagle staff printed so many editorials from liberals since the state of Kansas is predominately conservative. I’d just like to say that I commend the Eagle for printing truth and facts regardless of whether they’re the most popular opinion or not.

Truth and facts are not “left” or “right.” Truth is truth, period. We don’t need any more “alternate facts” or fake news, even if that is what people want to hear to confirm their personal beliefs.

Our First Amendment right to a free press is under attack under this administration and I’m glad to see our newspapers standing up to them and continuing to print the truth. Whether people choose to believe it or not is their choice, but we are all entitled to have access to it.

Sandy Love, Maize


I am appalled! When I read the June 6 edition of the Wichita Eagle I could not believe what was missing. June 6 is the seventy-third anniversary of the D-Day landing on Normandy. This landing was the largest military armada and troop landing in history. Thousands of young Americans fought and gave their lives to help rid Europeans of the tyrannical and evil occupation which they had suffered for many years. The Wichita Eagle did not even recognize this fact of history, and this is shameful.

Richard C. Shaw, Wichita

State legislature

The Kansas legislature made a terrible decision concerning income taxes. Gov. Brownback was exactly right on policy. However, the timing in hindsight was quite poor. How was one to know that the farming industry, as well as oil industry, would go down at the same time – and worst of all, stay down?

What was the correct path? Cut spending for heaven’s sake. By raising taxes, they have made a bad economic environment even worse. Maybe the sensible thing to do is “get the hell out of Dodge” and go to Texas. I see that some 65,000 went from California to Texas in 2015.

How could we have done such a thing? Big government is not the answer, it’s the problem. The Gipper was right. Red is turning Blue, even in the heartland.

Donald S. Peters, Towanda

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