Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (June 9)

Wake up America

Not long ago, some Republicans were more liberal than some Democrats while some Democrats were more conservative than some Republicans.

Today inter-party diversity is nearly extinct. It appears tribal. Why? Reasonable people have little problem accepting reasonable evidence as to what’s true. We have all reasoned the truth about drinking and driving. Why is it then impossible to reason when it comes to things that have become politicized?

Yale law professor Dan Kahan working with coauthors Ellen Peters, Erica Cantrell Dawson, and Paul Slovic set out to test a question that continuously puzzles scientists: Why isn’t good evidence more effective in resolving political debates? Kahan found that a smarter, better informed citizenry did not put a stop to disagreements but instead better equipped us to defend our pre-established position. He labeled it “Identity-Protective Cognition.”

We citizens must find a way to overcome our established biases and honestly listen to each other. If you’re convinced your tribe has all the right answers, rethink what you believe.

As Earl Pitts implores “Wake up America.”

Tom Savage, Bel Aire

School funding plan

Is the school finance proposal that gives schools $195 million more in the next budget year and about $290 million more in the year after that a “reasonable” calculation that will enable the 25 percent of students who do not now meet the Rose standards to do so next year and all the years after that? Surely the legislators have taken into account that the Supreme Court said only the 25 percent of students not meeting standards are the ones who may need more money.

And what’s with a tax credit that is good for only private schools? What became of education savings accounts that would benefit those students who cannot afford private schools, but who would benefit from pursuing all other choices?

The legislators are tired. OK, we appreciate their exhaustion. But responsible taxpayers are tired too. Tired of a status quo that does not wish to solve problems, but instead only to perpetuate them.

Ron A.Hoffman, Rose Hill

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