Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Motorcycle patrol

Oliver Morrison’s article on tickets reminded me of a motorcycle patrolman named Harry Minor back in the early ’60’s. I am privileged to say that Minor was the first police officer to issue me a ticket of any kind. I was on my way one Sunday afternoon to the drag strip “eight and one-half miles north of the airport on Ridge Road” as the radio would say.

Minor was well known among the teenagers of my era for issuing tickets at nine mph over the speed limit. Whenever he turned on the lights and siren of his motorcycle, you knew you were going to get a ticket. You could not talk your way out of it, and the girls could not cry their way out of it.

However, it did not matter if you were going 10 or 20 mph over the limit, the ticket still read nine miles over the limit, provided that you were not obnoxious when he pulled you over. That way it would not go on your insurance record. After issuing you a ticket, he would warn you of the dangers of speeding and why there were limits, but he was friendly and would typically talk to you about your car.

He was a positive influence on me growing up. Thanks Oliver for that remembrance.

Frank LaForge, Wichita

Keep Riverfest simple

Riverfest used to be an event that everybody could come to at the end of winter and celebrate together, enjoying simple outdoor events.

With the price at $10 now and everything fenced in and controlled, it is no longer feasible for everybody to come and enjoy this. Especially when the reason behind the high prices seems to be to get bands in.

Why should everybody pay for events that they may not go to? We can hear bands every week at local pubs and events. Those running this say they have to charge more, so they can get more events. No! Bring back our basic Riverfest celebration for the whole city to enjoy.

Cynthia Coronado, Wichita

Letters to the Editor

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