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Need strong public health system

Physicians know well that our health care system is undergoing tremendous change. Providers are increasingly judged based on health outcomes, a major shift away from the fee-for-service system.

The public health system and public health workers are essential in this shift, because preventing disease and illness has long been central to their work.

April 3-9 is National Public Health Week and a worthy time to acknowledge the efforts of the Sedgwick County Health Department and other private and public agencies. Their work – and that of their employees – should not only be celebrated this week but supported year round. One way to do this is to encourage elected officials to continue to provide the resources necessary to maintain a strong public health system.

Many public health programs are community-fueled initiatives and coalitions existing outside of government. I’m proud to say the Medical Society of Sedgwick County is associated with some of them. Project Access, for example, coordinates medical care for lower-income residents. The Maternal Infant Health Coalition focuses on safe sleep, infant mortality and other issues. Grant-funded Health ICT endeavors to reduce heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

These and other efforts make our community a better, healthier place.

Denis Knight, Wichita

President, Medical Society of Sedgwick County

Thompson best

The Eagle editorial board’s endorsement of Republican Ron Estes to replace former Rep. Mike Pompeo was disappointing, to say the least (April 2 Opinion). In his campaign ads, Estes claims to want to fight the “establishment,” which is interesting, because the GOP in Washington, D.C., is the “establishment,” and he is a part of the “establishment” in Topeka.

Estes is parroting the old GOP lines of a balanced budget amendment, reduction of corporate taxes, repealing the Affordable Care Act and belief in a trickle-down economy. Estes is taking the failed Gov. Sam Brownback economic policies to D.C. He appears to be a disciple of economist Arthur Laffer, Brownback and the Koch brothers and would likely be a future member of “Freedom Caucus.”

Democrat James Thompson has the background and ability to represent all the people of Kansas, not just wealthy and powerful. Military service and education took Thompson out of poverty and homelessness. As a civil rights attorney, Thompson proves he will fight for the education, health and economic well being of every Kansan.

Thompson will be a superb representative from the 4th District and deserves your support and especially your vote.

Craig Rich, Wichita

Voted for Estes

The 4th District of Kansas has been without representation in Congress since Mike Pompeo’s confirmation as CIA director. The contrast and choice between the Republican and Democratic candidates is very clear.

As a millennial voter, I don’t share Democrat James Thompson’s and Bernie Sanders’ vision of expanded government programs. Many of us have Kansas values of a strong work ethic and personal responsibility. Who pays for all this? My senior grandparents on fixed incomes or my parents trying to prepare for retirement? We should not expect everyone else to pay our way.

In addition, I have family members who are law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians. I respect the service and tough choices that law enforcement and first responders make. As a liberal civil rights lawyer, Thompson has sued law enforcement officers.

Republican Ron Estes has demonstrated by personal example the values of individual liberty and personal responsibility and the value of private enterprise and hard work. He also backs the Blue. He represents the best of Kansas values and will represent us well in Congress. My vote has been cast for Estes.

Ashleigh Luper, Andover

The only choice

I was appalled that the Eagle editorial board endorsed Ron Estes for Congress (April 2 Opinion). Estes is supported by Gov. Sam Brownback and the Koch brothers. Draining the swamp means getting fresh ideas in Washington, D.C. Democrat James Thompson is the only choice on April 11.

Marla Sutton, Wichita

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