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Letters on Flynn response, stupid liberals, no town halls, tag office fees


Trump’s whiny response on Flynn

The White House knew about Michael Flynn’s indiscretion for weeks before the whistle blowers told the public and forced his resignation as national security adviser. President Trump’s public reaction was vintage Trump: He cries “foul,” says Flynn was treated unfairly and tries to make it sound like the fact it was brought to the attention of the media and the public was a worse violation than Flynn’s inoperative statements to Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump’s whiny response is yet another attempt to divert the public’s attention from the real problem to a far less significant matter. Trump has been using this technique via Twitter to divert the media’s attention from important matters that merit attention.

How dare a man whose entire presidency has so far been characterized by nepotism, glaring financial conflicts of interest and constant inconsistency in public statements involving important domestic and international issues criticize anybody’s conduct or ethics? His refusal to disclose tax returns should still stick in everybody’s craw.

The worst part is that his own party, which is now in charge, can see things such as his illegal leases and his sham trust, but nobody seems to have the guts to call him on the violations and straighten him out before he gets the country in real trouble.

J.T. Manuszak, Wichita

Who is stupid?

Continuing the line of thought from Leonard Pitts’ Feb. 20 commentary, in which he told us how liberals are more intelligent than conservatives:

On Feb. 6, did Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., really say that that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “continuing to advance into Korea”? Did House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., say on Feb. 7 that “we’ve seen nothing that I can work with President Bush on”?

In May of 2008, did Barack Obama really tell a crowd in Beaverton, Ore., that he had campaigned in “57 states, with one left to go”? (Note for liberals: There are only 50 states.)

Are liberals ever going to understand that real Americans, who work hard every day to make this country great, are sick and tired of Ivy League elitists telling us how stupid we are while hiding in their ivory tower so they don’t have to deal with us heathens? In the words of a great American philosopher, “stupid is as stupid does.”

Chuck Jones, Wichita

No town hall?

I don’t remember the last time one of our federal officials had a town hall in Wichita. I understand Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., and Rep. Roger Marshall, R-Great Bend, have time to attend a Rotary Club of East Wichita meeting Wednesday, but they don’t have time for a town hall.

How are the citizens in Kansas supposed to make our opinions known when our elected representatives refuse to meet with us?

Carri New, Goddard

Tag office ‘fees’

I went recently to the Sedgwick County vehicle tag office in the old Dillons store at Meridian and Douglas. I had to go in person to apply for a new title for a recently purchased car, and to get a tag for it. I was very surprised in reviewing my receipt to find the following charges: DMV modernization fee, $4; county service fee, $5; and primary facility fee, $4 – for a total of $13.

Why is Sedgwick County charging me for a “modernization fee”? Why am I charged for a “county service fee,” and when did the county start charging to go to a building paid for by tax dollars, maintained by tax dollars and staffed by tax-paid employees?

It appears to me I got charged $13 in new “hidden” taxes called “fees.”

I noted a sign at every station stating that, starting Jan. 1, a $4 facility fee would be charged for each vehicle – this from our “conservative majority” Sedgwick County Commission.

What next, will we be charged every time they buy a new computer at the courthouse? Will we soon be charged for visiting an office at the courthouse, or reporting for jury duty?

While this commission brags about holding down taxes, it simply increases our taxes by tacking on “fees.” A tax is a tax no matter what you call it.

Why doesn’t the County Commission simply announce it is raising the taxes on vehicle tags by $13 rather than playing this game?

Pat Lehman, Wichita

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