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Letters on rape ‘joke,’ NATO slackers, Palestinians, business taxes

Change attitude on sexual assaults

The following letter is by Kathy Williams, executive director of the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center, and Jeff Emmot, president of the center’s board of directors.

Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center is a nonprofit organization that offers survivor services to those directly and indirectly affected by sexual assault and rape. But WASAC must do more in the form of prevention programs.

Prevention programs challenge the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that allow sexual assault to continue. Prevention addresses the root causes of and contributors to rape.

Why is this imperative? Recently, a patron paid a local bar to place a gross and vulgar phrase up on a mirror (Feb. 11 Eagle). It was defended by an employee as a joke. The “joke” condoned an act of rape.

This clearly is not a laughing matter or a “joke” to many. Comments in response to a Facebook post and The Eagle article clearly demonstrate the need for us to do more.

Survivors responded. Some community members also responded, saying this is “adult humor.” Excusing this behavior as adult humor is insensitive and hurtful.

WASAC wants to do more. We want to provide programming to prevent this kind of humor as being acceptable in our community. We want to provide education programs that create a culture of intolerance for rape and sexual assault.

We want to be proactive. We want to have the conversations and programming that teach children and adults that this is not acceptable behavior. We want to stop sexual violence.

NATO slackers

There has been a negative view of President Trump’s commitment to NATO and our allies. But remember this: We spend twice the amount of our gross national product on defense as many of our NATO allies – far more than what would be necessary to defend our shores.

With that in mind, we need to ask ourselves, the American taxpayer, who is committed to NATO? Remember the anti-nuke protests in Europe?

If NATO is to survive and the liberty that comes with it, does it not take a greater commitment from our allies? Is it wrong to ask them to do more?

Mike Hubbell, Kingman

Palestinians, too

It was instructive to hear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explain last week that Jews belong in Israel as the Chinese belong in China; Jews come from Judea.

Where does he think the Palestinians come from? Were they recently dropped from the Giant Moth onto this land where history, and the Bible, report the residence of their ancestors over hundreds or thousands of years? Before they became Christians or Muslims, their ancestors were there, in Palestine, just as the ancestors of the Jewish people were.

Some Israelis reportedly feel guilty about doing to the Palestinians what was done to them. Jews were chased out of their homes in Poland and elsewhere, homes to which they still have keys and where Poles now live. Now they live in houses where Palestinians lived, houses to which some Palestinians still have keys.

Perhaps American palefaces could inch toward redemption for what our ancestors did to Native Americans by now standing with the Palestinian desire to retain and govern the tiny bit of their land where they now live in a kind of “outdoor prison.”

Netanyahu will say they are “terrorists” because they occasionally go beyond throwing rocks in their resistance. A few years ago, a confrontation left 14 Israeli soldiers dead and 2,300 Palestinians dead.

If we are ready to face up to history, and justice, we will stand with the Palestinians.

Dorothy K. Billings, Wichita

Don’t pay taxes

Don’t people realize that businesses do not pay taxes? That money is a cost of being in business and must be added to everything we buy from them. It is a sneaky way of government getting more money from us.

Elmer Pinkerton, Wichita

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