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Send a message in upcoming election

If you’re trying to understand the morality of the Republican Party, consider this: We now have a president who thinks nothing of himself or members of his administration hawking his daughter’s merchandise and publicly attacking companies doing business with his daughter that do not bend to his will.

The laughable thing about it is that this man claims to be a billionaire many times over but still stoops to the level of carnival barker when a dollar is on the line.

At the state level, the Republicans are seriously undermining public education while they are defending their tax exemption on pass-through business income. Kansas is not the only state doing this dastardly deed either.

On immigration, our president sent forth immigration agents to round up folks in the dead of the night. These are people who have been in this country for years, have given birth and raised children here, and are gainfully employed here.

Apparently, in Republican morality, the most serious crime is trying to work and raise a family in America, and employers that hire these folks for their own personal gain are as innocent as can be.

We in Kansas have the 4th District congressional election coming up. Let’s send a message to Washington, D.C.

No more.

Michael G. Nichols, Wichita

Left stooping low

I believe President Trump will surpass President Reagan in greatness. The reaction of the left demonstrates how afraid of him they are.

Greatness is not always measured by how many people love you, but by the ferocity of your opposition and the depths to which they will stoop.

Gregory H. Bontrager, Hutchinson

Unions important

Regarding a recent syndicated editorial cartoon on Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos (Feb. 11 Eagle): I know from experience that teacher union membership benefits students.

I was a high school journalism teacher for nine years. I joined the National Education Association and KNEA my first week on the job. I was aware of the “Greasy Taco” case, in which a high school journalism teacher in Fort Scott was terminated after one of her students did a news story critical of the school cafeteria. Supported by NEA and KNEA, she took the case to the Supreme Court and got her job back.

Any teacher who discusses subjects or assigns reading material that an administrator or member of the community finds objectionable may be threatened with termination. When science teachers discuss the theory of evolution, when health teachers discuss sex education, when history teachers cover both the positive and negative aspects of America’s past, they may find themselves caught in the termination crosshairs.

The NEA has the legal expertise to help teachers fight such threats. When teachers have the support of the union, students have a safe environment in which to learn.

Diane Wahto, Wichita

Shift to pro-choice

In 1956, the pro-life position was that all abortions were morally wrong. Today, pro-life allows some abortions to save the life of the mother. That is, pro-life has become slightly pro-choice.

This change is due to the women’s equality movement’s insistence women were not merely wives and mothers but had value in their own right. But the changes ran deeper than women’s equality, and, as a result, the majority has become pro-choice.

The first change was the development of prenatal diagnosis, which sometimes showed that a pregnancy was a disaster in the making. (For example, if the fetus had Tay-Sachs disease.)

A second change was the introduction of brain death, which indicated that the value of human life was in our cognitive abilities. As a result of this, it became obvious that we come into the world slowly over a period of several months and not, contrary to the pro-life view, instantaneously at conception. This is what underlies the intuition that late abortions require more justifications than do early ones.

The combination of women’s equality, with the recognition that early abortions require less justification than do later ones, led to the acceptance of abortion in cases of rape and incest.

Women’s rights, the fact than it can be known that some pregnancies are disastrous, and the fact that we come slowly into this world have resulted in pro-life adherents becoming strongly pro-choice.

Gerald H. Paske, Wichita

Brother in arms

My neighbor is a deployed military guy with a wife and two young kids. The Wichita Water Department was out last Friday to fix a water leak. They dug and dug but didn’t fix the leak. Apparently, the leak was on the homeowner’s side of the meter.

A couple mornings later, I come home to find two Air Force members knee deep in a muddy hole, working to fix this issue for their buddy who, as I stated, is deployed away from his family and home. With all of the sacrifices our troops make, it brought tears to my eyes seeing them in that muddy hole.

All this for their “brother in arms.”

Terry Leiker, Wichita

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