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Wagle should admit role in tax mistake

It was interesting to read the commentary by Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, in which she pledged that the Legislature would “produce a stable, long-term budget solution.” In listing the factors that helped create this state’s fiscal fiasco, she failed to mention the disastrous “shot-of-adrenalin” changes to the state’s tax code proposed by our governor and enacted by our Legislature.

Wagle voted for and until recently defended those changes. Is it too much to ask that she admit her mistake? That would be refreshing.

Morgan Metcalf, El Dorado

Flying high

Last Thursday, the state Capitol hosted the 3rd Annual Kansas Aviation Day. Several Wichita companies and institutions were represented with information booths and displays.

I was privileged to recognize in the House Chamber a few of the companies and organizations present, including Bombardier, Textron, Spirit AeroSystems, Wichita Airport Authority, Wichita Area Technical College, National Center for Aviation Training and the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University.

Even with the cyclical nature of the aviation and aerospace industry, Wichita’s claim as the Air Capital reigns on. Here are some national rankings for Wichita:

▪ No. 1 in manufacturing jobs (as a percent of all jobs) among 100 top U.S. metro areas

▪ No. 3 in engineering capital (based on number of engineers per 1,000 employees), behind only Silicon Valley and Houston

▪ No. 3 in percent of manufacturing classified as “very high tech”

▪ No. 22 in percent of jobs involving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM occupations) among 100 top U.S. metro areas

▪ No. 3 in innovation partnership funding between business and academia

Also, the state-of-the-art Wichita Eisenhower National Airport will enplane more than 1.6 million passengers in 2017.

It looks like the 100-year legacy of Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna and Lloyd Stearman, among other pioneers, will fly high and far for years to come.

Rep. Roger Elliott, Wichita

District 87

So dangerous

Nothing disturbs me more than President Trump’s attacks on the judiciary. From “so-called” federal judges and “disgraceful” appellate courts to “our legal system is broken” and it’s “so dangerous,” the list goes on.

What can we do about this authoritarian cancer? Here are some treatment options:

▪ Contact your elected representatives to let them know this is unacceptable and that you expect them to uphold the Constitution.

▪ Write letters for publication to various news organizations.

▪ Support groups, such the local branch of the International Refugee Committee, that are helping to relocate and sustain refugees, many of whom are themselves victims of terrorism.

▪ Educate yourself about the issues; don’t just listen to one source.

▪ Protest whenever you feel it’s appropriate. It’s your constitutional right.

▪ Join organizations working to preserve and protect the Bill of Rights.

▪ Be vigilant. As Rabbi Moti Rieber said in a recent commentary (Feb. 12 Opinion): “Jewish history teaches me that a vilified population, without friends, can become subject to the worse humanity has to offer.” It is so dangerous.

William C. Skaer, Wichita

Pause needed

How do two rabbis in Kansas view the short-term immigration pause for certain Middle Eastern countries as an affront to Muslims and their own communities of faith (“Speak up against immigration ban,” Feb. 12 Letters to the Editor, “I have an obligation to support Muslims, Feb 12 Opinion)?

The rabbis compared past immigration to today’s situation. However, earlier immigrants came desiring to assimilate to the U.S. laws, language, culture and customs. My family purposefully no longer spoke their native tongue, learning and speaking English.

Today, many refugees and immigrants, legal or illegal, have no intention of assimilating or becoming citizens or following our Constitution, Bill of Rights and federal and state laws, pledging to “defend America against all enemies, foreign or domestic.”

Some immigrants today want to spread their ideologies and culture, and impose these upon the sovereign United States, often promoted by organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, La Raza and others.

Yes, we’re all children of God, and love triumphs hate. But if God’s own children are not able to perceive that some have vowed to exterminate us, then we must have today’s conversations, to protect us all.

Mitch Miller, Wichita

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