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Letters on tax exemption, unprecedented times, transgender Scouts

Do right thing for employed people

I visited a salon recently to update my hairdo. This is a three-station salon. Each beautician is independent, not an employee of the salon. They supply their own products, taking profit from the work they do, plus tips.

Occasionally, I visit a local spa to get a facial. My esthetician is employed by the spa and works for a portion of her intake and her tips. She supplies her own products and has no nice benefits, such as paid days off, vacation, sick leave or retirement benefits.

These women have similar work situations and probably comparable incomes. They drive the same highways and can visit the same state parks. They pay state sales taxes at the same rate. Neither has the slightest chance of creating jobs for anyone unless one of them hires someone to mow her lawn at home.

There is one big difference in these two women, however. The first, if she has figured out she can incorporate her business, pays no state income tax on the money she earns. The second must pay state tax on her income.

This is terribly unfair, and everyone knows it. There are dozens of examples like this in our state, all just as unfair.

Come on, state legislators, you know this is not right. Please do the right thing for employed people in Kansas.

Kerin Smith, Wichita

It’s unprecedented

In a recent interview, Vice President Mike Pence stated that, because of the obstructionist Democrats, he would have to cast the tie-breaking vote to confirm the secretary of education nominee, adding incredulously that this was an unprecedented act. Pence hasn’t been paying attention, because lately unprecedented acts have been happening with great regularity.

Donald Trump may be the wealthiest person ever elected to the office of president, and the only president who is financially indebted to multiple countries, but we’ll probably never know because he refuses to release his tax records. Unprecedented.

Trump relies on Twitter, using 140 characters or fewer to discuss serious, and sometimes delicate, matters such as immigration reform, the military budget and foreign policy. Unprecedented.

In a matter of days, Trump has managed to put on edge and even insult some of our most loyal allies. Unprecedented.

While campaigning, Trump boasted that he was an outsider who would bring change to the White House, and a businessman with no government experience winning the presidential election was hailed as being unprecedented. Unfortunately, what we have is an extremely reckless president who doesn’t seem to possess even a rudimentary understanding of leadership, decorum, or our country’s history. Unbelievable.

Amy Taylor, Wichita

Need Boy Scouts

A brief article in The Eagle recently noted that the Boy Scouts are now accepting transgender boys as members. It noted that some churches that sponsor Boy Scout troops are considering terminating sponsorship because this violates their teaching on maleness.

Reading this brought back warm memories of being both a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout and how this promoted self-reliance, individualism, patriotism and courage in me and my peers. The summer camp and weekend camping out in the wild was both unique and a time to learn self-reliance.

In my day it was an all-male program, but as of 1990, it was opened to girls as well. This undoubtedly broadened the valuable learning experience for both sexes and taught respect for individual sexual identities.

My grandson and a friend recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Sadly, it was announced at this great event that his Scout troop, consisting of just eight boys, was to shut down.

I hope that including transgender Scouts does not damage this wonderful organization. It may well complicate the task of leading boys on the path to becoming young men, particularly in light of the fact that, increasingly, boys are growing up without their own legitimate fathers to be role models.

Richard Gilmartin, Wichita

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