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Letters on puppy mills, Wagle tax plan, abortion

Take action against Kansas puppy mills

Kansas’ dirty little secret is out: Our state ranks third highest in the country for puppy mills that house and breed dogs in deplorable, inhumane conditions.

Fortunately, the Legislature has a chance to right this wrong. House Bill 2097 and Senate Bill 47 (also known as the Pet Animal Act) with amendments will go a long way to improve the state’s Animal Facility Inspection Program.

The amendments to these bills are particularly crucial, because they will enforce an inspection schedule, making it unlawful for a breeder to circumvent the inspection process. Further, those operators who fail an inspection will be required to pay a re-inspection fee: $100 for the first, $200 for the second, and will have their license revoked for a third failure within 24 months.

These commonsense changes in our state’s inspection process would reduce the number of sick and unsocialized dogs in communities across Kansas. I encourage my fellow Kansans to read both bills with amendments and to contact their elected officials to voice their support.

Shawna Mailman, Wichita

Puzzling editorial

Wage tax plan good first step“ (Feb 8 Eagle Editorial) had me scratching my receding hairline.

The editorial admits the tax plan is woefully short of producing enough income to meet future budgets. Meanwhile, it noted that a budget plan includes $151 million in cuts for our cash strapped public K-12 and higher education system.

Are our expectations now so low that even a plan that is an admitted disaster is welcomed with praise?

But the editorial ended with the real kicker: It is Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax policies that have harmed Kansas. Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, and other lawmakers are “trying to clean up the mess.”

Wagle and other lawmakers are the reason we have this mess.

Is The Eagle editorial board now using alternative facts to rewrite Kansas history? If so, could The Eagle please clean up the pile it leaves on my driveway each morning so I don’t have to watch my step?

Cass Young, Wichita

Know their limits

Babies are worth cherishing. Some women can do that and some cannot, whether they’re unwilling, sick, unsupported, addicted, raising other children or victimized by rape. Many of those women know in advance when they cannot handle a pregnancy and its 18-plus years of physical, financial and moral care.

Likewise, some men do make fine fathers. But many men abandon the fetuses, babies, children and teens they sire. Some men neglect or abuse their own children or other boys and girls. Those children are damaged for the rest of their lives.

Many taxpayers don’t like to pay to teach or foster or rehabilitate these unlucky or orphaned kids.

I believe those who call themselves pro-life sin when they pressure women who know their own limits.

Jane Byrnes, Wichita

Best sign

The best sign I saw at the Women’s March: “You wouldn’t try to regulate my vagina if it fired bullets.”

Marcia Dietrich, Wichita

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