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Letters on war on education, glide path to zero, tired of liberals, Netanyahu, ISIS, no diversity at arena

War on education is a nightmare

Kansans are living a horror movie. The governor recently cut $44.5 million from public education to help cover his horrific budget gap this fiscal year of more than $300 million. Another shortfall of more than $600 million is expected for the fiscal year starting July 1.

Who doesn’t know that tax cuts for the wealthy produced this?

Meanwhile, the mindless majority in the Kansas Senate passed a bill that would criminalize teachers and librarians who expose students to material deemed harmful.

These Neanderthals also want to repeal five years of work by educators on the Common Core standards. This could also cancel Advanced Placement classes and the International Baccalaureate program. How would our students be competitive with students from other states?

Kansas Republicans would also cut by more than half Parents as Teachers funds for early childhood education.

Our governor and Legislature are waging war against public education and the dedicated teachers on the front lines. This is a nightmare.



Glide path to zero?

In order to have this letter published, I had to include my name. Yet House Bill 2234, which would limit the free speech of academics, was submitted anonymously.

This legislative session we have seen cuts to education and infrastructure. We’ve also seen Senate Bill 45, which would enable people to carry concealed guns without training or a background check.

The “glide path to zero” sounds more like a glide path to ISIS: anonymous, undereducated and weaponized.



Tired of it all

I’ve been feeling tired lately, so I decided to take a day off to see why. It finally dawned on me that I had fatigue. I then set about to discover what caused it.

To my surprise, after taking mental inventory, I determined that I had race fatigue. I had atheist fatigue. I had gay-marriage fatigue. I had abortion fatigue. I had media fatigue. I had Hollywood and television fatigue. I had The Eagle’s anti-Republican tag team of Rhonda Holman and Phillip Brownlee fatigue. I had columnist Leonard Pitts fatigue. I had Koch brothers-bashing fatigue. I had The Eagle’s left-bias political cartoon fatigue. And, finally, I had overall liberal Democrat fatigue.

I thus diagnosed myself and came to the conclusion that I’m tired of it all. How about you?



Pushing us to war

Israel and its belligerent leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are the only serious threat I face as an American Jew.

Netanyahu helped push the United States into the stupid Iraq War. Now we face the prospect of our Congress giving in to the aggressive Israeli desire to see us go to war with Iran.

Israel does not speak for me and many other American Jews. Israel is the one with nuclear bombs that the world is not supposed to mention, let alone inspect. Netanyahu’s Israel is the one whose politicians threaten to nuke Iran. Israel is the one pretending to be afraid of ISIS but underplaying its horrors because ISIS is an enemy of Iran.

His Israel is the one that goes around trying to undermine and manipulate our U.S. democratic elections and blackmail or buy out our politicians. Israel is the one that has taken more U.S. aid than any other country ever.

Can we please remember this quote from our “friend” Bibi? “If you take out Saddam, Saddam’s regime, I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region.”



Cover for failure

The furor over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech and congressional plans to impose more sanctions on Iran, before the conclusion of the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program, has given just the cover the administration needs for the likely failure of those negotiations. Now it can be blamed on Congress or Israel, and not the White House.



Not our war

In Vietnam, Americans thought we could defeat any enemy by sheer power of force. We were wrong. Now some foolish people think we can do the same with ISIS. To openly declare we are at war with Islam is to start a Vietnam-type war with a quarter of the world’s population living in areas very rich in oil.

The autocracies of some Christians – slavery, racism, witch trials, etc. – were fought most fervently by other Christians. ISIS must be fought and stopped by Muslims in their own countries, not by Americans. We should help them as much as possible but never make it our war.

Remember that prayer is our greatest weapon.



Sold-out show

While reading the Feb. 27 Go! section, I noticed that J. Cole, a pretty popular singer with young adults, will be performing at the Cotillion on March 15, and that it’s sold out. I then imagined that same performance at Intrust Bank Arena, which holds a lot more people. Wouldn’t that have been more revenue?

Regarding Greg “the Hitman” Williams’ excuse for why they can’t get diversity at the arena (“Many ask why arena has yet to book an artist of color,” Dec. 7 Eagle): Save it, Hitman.


Bel Aire

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