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Letters on Sanders, biased press, all-powerful God, lost boy

Should have gone with Sanders

The pollsters, media and the Democratic Party failed to recognize three power points in this presidential campaign.

First, those who voted for third-party candidates effectively voted for Donald Trump. Second, no one recognized the thousands of people who have never or rarely voted before who came to this election and chose to back Trump for change in Washington, D.C. They were disgusted how our current politicians turned their backs on the middle class. Third, those like me who disliked both candidates and made the choice not to vote for anyone also enhanced the election of Trump.

If the Democratic Party had chosen Bernie Sanders as its nominee, he would have dominated this race. His strong character would have whipped Trump.

Gerry Hamlin, El Dorado

Why so wrong?

How this could happen? It wasn’t even considered a remote possibility.

We the people were led to believe that Hillary Clinton was on a path to more than 300 electoral votes, and several polls were predicting an embarrassing landslide.

Why did the press have it so wrong? Half of Americans are shocked and in despair because of the media’s collusion and bias (unconstitutional prior restraint).

How many of us have firsthand knowledge of the candidates? We must rely on the free press to form our opinions and help us make our decisions.

I was able to hear some of the candidates speak in person and was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. They did not speak in soundbites and sounded much more polished in person.

The media machine negatively influences us, and we must guard ourselves from propaganda. We need a return to journalistic integrity and freedom from the current press.

Troy Harter, Wichita

All-powerful God?

I heard a radio preacher describe his all-powerful, benevolent and forgiving God. Soon after, he warned the audience about the devil and hell. Surely the preacher’s all-powerful God would not allow hell to exist.

My all-powerful God does not allow hell or the devil to exist.

But, unfortunately, God does allow high water to occur.

C.J. Bray, Wichita

Plan of action

My friend and I were shopping at the Hobby Lobby east store last week. There was an announcement that a 4-year-old boy was lost in the store, along with his first name and a description of what he was wearing. The employees and customers all began looking for this little boy.

The announcement was given again, and I began to be concerned. Where could he be?

My friend and I decided to go ahead and check out, and then we saw that the employees had formed a line at the front door and were not letting anyone out or in. We were in lockdown.

I applaud Hobby Lobby and its employees for such quick and effective action. Another announcement told us that the boy had been found.

Great job to everyone involved for having a plan of action and following it.

Andrea Colley, Bel Aire

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