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Letter on voting, Hyatt proceeds, drug costs, pain meds, VA care, poor sports

Get off your duff and go vote

This year’s election will have an enormous impact on the direction our country takes for decades to come. So if you haven’t already voted, get up off your duff, go to the voting site and vote.

Vote responsibly. Vote from an informed position. Be sure to educate yourself on the constitutional issue that is on the ballot here in Kansas. And vote.

Nothing else an American citizen and Kansan does on Tuesday will be as important as exercising the very basic human, civil and constitutional right to vote.

And if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain if things don’t go well, and you really don’t have the right to compliment if things do go well. If you don’t vote, then you’re not part of the solution.

Kevin Henderson, Halstead

No pet projects

The city of Wichita is wanting to know what to do with the money from the sale of the Hyatt Regency. It should give some of the proceeds ($5 million) to the city water department for its use, instead of gouging citizens for another rate increase.

Wichita City Council members shouldn’t spend the money on their own personal projects. Let’s do some of the projects taxpayers want done.

Don Roberts, Wichita

Preying on sick

I recently read that unless prescription drug costs are better managed, our insurance costs will climb in spite of any attempt to rein them in.

Health care plans spend the most on drugs for common chronic ailments, such as diabetes. As more and more people are diagnosed with these kinds of ailments, growing demand is enabling pharmaceutical companies to boost prices at rates well beyond inflation. Something has to be done.

I’m not against the drug companies making money, but the costs of drugs and the record profits of the drug companies make it seem as if these companies are preying on the sick. Congress, are you listening?

Pam Rosenberry, Wichita

No pain meds

I want to thank all the drug users and the people who sell their pain medication for making it hard for me to get my pain medication.

In fact, the one doctor I had packed up and moved to Florida last month. I’m hoping the new doctor I see in December will prescribe me my meds. But I have no meds for the month of November.

So thank you for screwing over this chronic pain patient.

Wanda Middleton, Wichita

Great care at VA

I know some people are always complaining or just generally “grumping” about the service or quality of care at the Veterans Administration.

In the 10 years that I have lived in Wichita, I have had personal contact with several departments at the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center. I have received primary and cardiac care and had a colonoscopy, foot surgery, cataract surgery, emergency room treatments and optical care.

In my dealings and experience with these excellent clinics, I have always received exemplary care.

In these times of negativity, I thought that others should know of my positive experience at the VA.

Fredric H. Cowart II, Wichita

Poor sports

Why do professional baseball teams display such poor sportsmanship following championship games?

After the Super Bowl, the players and managers greet each other. In basketball, soccer and most major sports, the losing players congratulate the winners, and the winners usually acknowledge the great play of the losers.

But not in baseball. The losing team acts as though it was cheated out of winning, when obviously only one of the two teams can win. And the winners congratulate themselves profusely.

This has been going on for at least the six decades I’ve watched the game. If it’s not poor sportsmanship, what is it?

T. Kneil, Bel Aire

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