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Re-elect Norton

When I served as Sedgwick County commissioner for District 3, it became clear that citizens and I were fortunate to draw upon the wisdom of my fellow commissioner, Tim Norton. In the aftermath of the 2012 Oaklawn tornado, Norton brought a keen set of experiences that assisted the community in many important aspects of emergency management. I was very thankful to have him at my side, assisting and working together with my constituents.

Norton was also a pioneer of the recently completed Child Advocacy Center, which coordinates the work of law enforcement and others dealing with crimes against children. In addition to the Sedgwick County funding he supported, Norton worked with the city of Wichita to obtain the final $250,000 needed for construction and staffing.

I have learned that political parties spend much time misleading society. Given the opportunity, I would vote for the man, Tim Norton, in a flash. It is imperative to this region that he is re-elected to the County Commission.

Jim Skelton, Belle Plaine

O’Donnell listens

Being a doctor in a small town, I hear a lot. Over the past few years, I have heard concerns about issues facing Sedgwick County, and often people just want someone who would stand up for them.

There have been issues that have concerned me regarding southwest Sedgwick County that I have not received any resolution.

Sedgwick County Commissioner Tim Norton talks about how he knows this district and its people, but I have seen Michael O’Donnell, and I know he listens to us and represents our values.

O’Donnell has been a leader in the city of Wichita and the state, and I would be grateful if he were given the opportunity to serve as one of Sedgwick County’s leaders.

I had the opportunity to meet with O’Donnell on many occasions at our state Capitol to discuss issues that affect our state and community. He has always been receptive to hearing my concerns and followed up with me regarding those issues.

Please vote for Michael O’Donnell on Nov. 8.

Karl L. May, Clearwater

Norton proven

Sedgwick County Commissioner Tim Norton has served county residents with integrity and common sense for 16 years. His positive and creative contributions are numerous and significant. He has a great working relationship with the Wichita City Council, and over the years we’ve developed a strong partnership benefiting city and county residents.

Michael O’Donnell has moved from district to district to figure out where he could win an election. Have you heard his former Kansas Senate or City Council colleagues speak highly of his ability to accomplish anything on behalf of taxpayers? Ask yourself why that would be before you vote.

A vote for Tim Norton is a vote to move Sedgwick County forward with experience, strategy and a productive city/county partnership.

Janet L. Miller, Wichita

Choose O’Donnell

There is a clear choice in the race for Sedgwick County Commission in District 2 – someone who stands up for taxpayers or someone who wishes to see taxpayers pay even more.

Michael O’Donnell is a fighter and doesn’t support pay increases for politicians. He believes we should cut our property taxes and wants to make the system simply work better.

O’Donnell is pro-life and a staunch defender of our Second Amendment rights. When he came to my door, I knew he wasn’t a normal politician. He truly had a servant’s heart.

I’ve never written a letter to the editor, but O’Donnell has inspired me to talk to my neighbors about his vision for Sedgwick County. We need change. We need Michael O’Donnell.

David Fuller, Wichita

Gregory relates

I have known Marcey Gregory for more than 30 years. We attended Wichita North High School together and participated in Madrigals, with lots of duets in our past.

Her core personality has not changed over the years. She is compassionate, warm and able to relate to and communicate with anyone no matter their age, personality or circumstance.

Gregory was never involved in cliques, and she treated everyone as a person of value and importance. She is known for getting things done and can gain consensus instead of creating divisiveness. She’s also an incredible listener, and she thinks through and hears all sides of the situation before making a recommendation or taking action.

I’m proud of my friend for the remarkable job she has done as the mayor of Goddard, and she is exactly the type of representative we need on the Sedgwick County Commission.

Gregory would be a breath of fresh air for Sedgwick County. I ask readers to research all that she stands for before voting, and I am confident you’ll be convinced she is the right person for the job.

Marcey Gregory will not disappoint.

Debbie Lutz, Wichita

Vote for Dennis

I have had the privilege of working with David Dennis for several years on various boards and organizations, including the District 5 Advisory Board and the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission. He is a thoughtful listener who is genuinely interested in hearing all sides of an issue. He is respectful, compassionate and cooperative.

As a retired Air Force colonel, his military background would bring strong analytical management to the Sedgwick County Commission.

Most importantly, Dennis cares about our community. He has served in leadership positions on local and state boards, taught our children and spends his Friday nights announcing local high school football games. He understands that to have a winning team, it takes strong relationships and partnerships.

During my time on the Wichita City Council, I’ve seen firsthand how much stronger our community is when we all work together. Dennis is the best choice to help us accomplish even greater things.

Please vote for David Dennis for County Commission, District 3.

Bryan Frye, Wichita

Rogers prepared

Hard working, honest, independent-minded, understands budgets, focused on helping Kansas’ children. These words describe Lynn Rogers, candidate for Kansas Senate, District 25.

It was my honor to serve for 12 years with Rogers on the Wichita school board. He always did his homework and came to meetings prepared. He had the unique ability to drill down to the facts and then use this information to make carefully considered decisions that he truly believed were the best for the Wichita students and staff.

I know that Rogers will take these talents to Topeka. He will stand up to Gov. Sam Brownback. He will work to put Kansas back on the right track where education, services for the elderly and those struggling to make ends meet, law enforcement and our roads and highway system are supported and raised to the level that Kansans expect and want.

I urge you to vote for Lynn Rogers on Nov. 8. You won’t be disappointed. He will listen to your needs and will represent the voters.

Connie Dietz, Wichita

Support Humphrey

As a lifelong Republican and former Republican committeewoman, I have been dismayed watching the decline of our state under Gov. Sam Brownback and Sen. Mike Petersen, R-Wichita. That’s why I challenged Petersen in the recent primary for Senate District 28. Although he was nominated again, I refuse to give up the fight to save Kansas.

Fortunately, we still have a chance to end Brownback’s reckless experiment by supporting Keith Humphrey. As the owner of two aviation small businesses, Humphrey understands what it takes to improve the business climate in Kansas, create jobs and balance a budget.

Humphrey is committed to funding schools, because he knows that good schools are the key to creating opportunity and make Kansas an attractive place to start or grow a business. He also understands that his business relies on the investments we all make in our infrastructure and communities. That’s why he supports making sure business owners like himself pay their fair share of taxes and that working Kansans get tax relief.

It is because of Humphrey’s experience and commitment to restoring common sense to Topeka that this Republican is endorsing him.

Jo Hillman, Wichita

No Brownbackers

I like the label “Brownbacker.” It fits lackeys like Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, Sens. Ty Masterson, R-Andover, and Mike Petersen, R-Wichita, and Rep. Gene Suellentrop, R-Wichita. Throw these people out of Topeka.

Harold Hellman, Wichita

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