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Letters on voter fraud, Humphrey, Osborne, Howard, Pompeo, Giroux, Wagle

Make decision and choose a course

Financial management courses teach that when the pros and cons of a particular situation appear to have equal weight, it is not so important which course you take, but that you make a decision and choose a course.

It seems to me the primary problem with our political system is that we have not been able to make decisions and act on them. For whatever reason, our politicians and the people backing them have become too good at playing the game. The media and commentators have become expert at presenting and spinning arguments to make both sides of an issue seem plausible, making it sometimes impossible for the populous to know the facts in real time.

At the national level, only when one political party controls both the executive and legislative branches of government does it seem solutions can become enacted. Thus, one solution is to vote a straight party ticket – whichever presidential candidate you vote for, vote for the Senate and House candidates of the same party.

This should raise the probability of one of the major parties gaining control and, for better or worse, being able to legislate. Risky, you say? Yes, but in the long run, which is more risky, trying a solution or doing nothing?

And, rest assured, if the pendulum swings too far one way, using this tactic will ultimately swing it back.

Bob Smith, Wichita

Lack of confidence

To make sure that everyone knows that voter fraud is not a problem, The Eagle’s position has become a parody of a Seinfeld episode by adding a disclaimer to every mention:

Secretary of State Kris Kobach: “There’s the possibility of voter fraud.”

Eagle: “Not that there’s any evidence of that.”

However, there is evidence that voter fraud does occur (see Project Veritas). Even if The Eagle continues to ignore it, is it really so far-fetched to believe that the party that created ACORN and voting by the dead would suddenly abandon such methods?

Founded or unfounded, the perception is held by a sizable portion of the population (including Democrats) that voter fraud does occur. In similar circumstances, such as the idea that sentencing laws are unfair or that blacks are being murdered left and right by the police, The Eagle feels that such perceptions must be addressed through sentencing reform, community outreach, cops dancing, picnics, de-escalation training, etc.

If The Eagle is intent on allaying fears and suspicions, founded or unfounded, they should support any measure that serves to increase confidence in election outcomes.

I look forward to the launch of the Kobach-Eagle Partnership to Strengthen Voter Confidence.

Christopher Wilch, Wichita

Osborne is ideal

I support Susan Osborne, an outstanding candidate for Kansas House, District 94, in west Wichita.

I have known Osborne for several years through our involvement with the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum. She served on the board of trustees and as president of the Wichita Historical Museum Society. She has brought new ideas to the museum and encourages others to join.

As a Republican, I feel that it is important to choose our legislators based on their experience, reputation and gumption to make the needed changes in Kansas. Osborne’s background – which includes teaching business at all three Wichita universities, serving as past state director of the Kansas Small Business Development Centers, being a business owner, and serving on the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission – makes her ideally suited to grow Kansas’ economy and the number of successful businesses. She will put a stop to the fiscal irresponsibility we Kansans have witnessed over the past several years.

Her experiences as outreach coordinator at Catholic Charities and a member of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church are a plus. She will also fight for re-prioritizing public education in Kansas and call for respect for teachers.

Vote for Susan Osborne on Nov. 8.

Alice A. Smith, Wichita

Support Humphrey

I am writing today in support of Keith Humphrey, who is running for the Kansas Senate, District 28. I have been a colleague of Humphrey since 1991, first at GE Aviation in Arkansas City and now at Jet AirWerks, the company he founded here because of the region’s highly trained aviation workforce. He is a man of tremendous abilities and never ceases to amaze me.

Humphrey is a man of faith, a dedicated family man, and a man of integrity and honesty. Additionally, he has the ability to connect with people, customers and clients in a way that many others cannot, because he can easily relate to their experiences.

Humphrey is a U.S. Navy veteran and patriot who actively fights for our veterans, because he understands the experiences of servicemen and women and their families. He has served and suffered loss as they have.

As a successful businessman, Humphrey always makes decisions with the big picture in mind and has worked to promote Kansas aviation around the world. I believe that his skills as a businessman and love for Kansas would make him a great state senator.

Jerry Horton, Arkansas City

Howard for change

I am supporting my neighbor Tonya Howard for Kansas House, District 87, in east Wichita. She would be a breath of fresh air and a bright ray of sunlight for the stagnant and stale environment in the Kansas House.

Howard is well educated and has taught in Wichita public schools for 19 years. She knows firsthand the crisis of education funding created in Kansas by the policies of the Brownback administration. She is also the mother of three children, two of whom are college students, so she understands the pressures on working parents to finance college education for their children.

Howard understands the range of critical issues that need to be addressed, after years of neglect in the Republican-dominated Legislature. House Republicans have marched in lockstep with the Brownback administration to drive the state deeper into debt and financial insolvency, resulting in cuts to education, withholding payments to the state pension system, and neglect of the state’s infrastructure. Her Republican opponent will do the same.

In order to change the direction of state policy and restore accountability in state politics, we need new leadership. Howard will support public education, achieve balanced budgets with fair taxation, and protect and advance the rights of women and children in Kansas.

Randy Bush, Wichita

Pompeo has back

As a former soldier in the U.S. Army, Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, certainly understands two things: firearms and what it means to defend our constitutional rights. As a responsible gun owner, I appreciate both of these as well.

The Second Amendment is clear: Americans have the “right to bear arms.” Full Stop. And in Congress, Congress has always fought hard to stop any government intrusion into our free exercise of this right. Far too many politicians want to roll back or eliminate our gun rights under the guise of safety. True safety is about being able to protect myself and my family, and the Second Amendment is key to that.

Pompeo truly cares about protecting all facets of firearm ownership and ensuring those rights for future generations of Kansans. This is reflected in his “A” rating from the National Rifle Association and the endorsement from both the NRA and the Kansas State Rifle Association.

It’s a privilege to have someone in Washington, D.C., who stands up for me and all responsible gun owners. I know Pompeo has my back, and I’ll have his on Nov. 8.

Lewis M. Mull, Wichita

Vote for Giroux

Dan Giroux, who supports affordable education and fair taxation, would represent the 99 percent if elected to Congress. Unlike his opponent, Rep. Mike Pompero, R-Wichita, Giroux would not support tax cuts for large corporations and the wealthy 1 percent.

Giroux believes that corporations should pay their fair share of taxes and should respect the well-being of people. He would be an advocate for the middle class.

For the health and welfare of your children and grandchildren, vote for Giroux, not his opponent, who, like Gov. Sam Brownback, supports corporate and dirty energy legislation instead of job-creating clean energy expansion.

Marsha Sears, Wichita

Destroyed state

I have to give credit where credit is due. It took only only a few years for Gov. Sam Brownback, Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, and House Speaker Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, to destroy a state.

That’s quite an accomplishment.

I can also credit Wagle for displaying the courage of her convictions by having the guts to run for re-election. But then again, don’t count her out. The Republican voters in this state have been taking stupid pills for years. However, if they vote to re-elect her this time, they might as well wash their pills down with Kool-Aid, because the state is on life support.

Four more years of the likes of Wagle, and Kansas will be officially pronounced dead.

Ernie Svites, Wichita

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