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Deserve better than lesser of two evils

For the first time in my 44-year voting record, I will not be participating in your election this year. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. This country is too good for that, and we deserve better.

I’m watching very closely to see if any legitimate third parties spring up after this ridiculous presidential election. If they offer a hint of common sense, a passion for the people and not special interests or their own egos, a call to serve this country and its people as a sense of duty and not entitlement or to gain advantage over rivals at all costs, then they will receive my support.

Until then, I feel no remorse or responsibility to just settle for what is being jammed down our collective throats.

Rod Riffel, Rose Hill

Wrong direction

As a former legislator from south Wichita and Sedgwick County, I am deeply saddened by the direction Gov. Sam Brownback and state Sen. Mike Petersen, R-Wichita, have taken Kansas.

When first elected, Petersen represented himself as a consensus builder and as a member of a working families community. However, after 12 years in office we have seen the only consensus he builds is with Brownback and his allies. He has become entrenched in Topeka and has brought D.C.-style politics to smear his opponents.

All of this has been to the detriment of working Kansans. Our schools have made budget cuts, taxes have been raised on families to benefit big money interests and transportation funds have been raided by more than $1 billion while Petersen was chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee.

We can no longer continue down this path. I urge concerned citizens to vote out Brownback allies like Petersen. That’s why I am supporting Keith Humphrey. I know he will bring the change we need to Topeka and represent Sedgwick County well.

Geraldine Flaharty, Wichita

Gregory gets it done

Often in politics, the pendulum swings from one extreme to another, then back again. Our Sedgwick County Commission has found itself in that predicament today.

As it looks for its balance, a good solution is Goddard Mayor Marcey Gregory. As a past mayor of a neighboring town, I got to know Gregory through our official duties and community boards. I assume that we were registered under difference political parties, but you would never know it in our interactions and direction to get things done.

Gregory has always approached things with common sense and cooperation. In the end, this is what it takes to serve everyone.

I have no hesitations in my vote for Marcey Gregory for County Commission, District 3.

Tony Flax, Garden Plain

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