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Letters on Kansas highways, Norton, Rogers, Osborne

KDOT committed to roadways

Well planned, built and maintained roads are pivotal to the success of our state. Gov. Sam Brownback’s commitment to Kansas roadways is borne out in results:

▪  Kansas highways ranked third in America, according to a 2016 Reason Foundation Report. Rural highways tied for the nation’s best in the same report.

▪  The Kansas Department of Transportation’s 2016 annual road quality evaluation revealed both interstate and non-interstate far surpassed performance targets.

▪  10,496 miles of highway and 694 bridges have been improved since July 2011.

▪  The South Lawrence Trafficway, a $180 million project, will open next month after decades of anticipation.

▪  The Johnson County Gateway, a $288 million project, will open next month.

Just like families across this state, KDOT measures success by actual results with actual impact. This is our measure for success, not merely dollars spent. It is, however, well worth noting that KDOT expenditures are up 12.4 percent since Brownback took office, with total construction expenditures also increasing by 31.7 percent. We are keeping the highway plan’s promise of at least an $8 million investment in each Kansas county, with 97 of 105 counties having reached that benchmark.

At KDOT, we will continue to build and maintain world-class roads that will serve our state well for generations to come.

Richard Carlson, Topeka

Acting Secretary, Kansas Department of Transportation

Rogers is tireless

I’ve known Lynn Rogers and worked alongside him as committed Wichita volunteers for more than 20 years. There are many reasons people should vote for Rogers for state senator in District 25. Here are three:

▪  As a volunteer school board member, he understands how important education is to the economic future of our state. He will fight as hard for good education at the state level as he has at the local level.

▪  He’s a tireless volunteer and worker dedicated to the community and state. He will work as hard in Topeka as he has in his volunteer positions.

▪  I’ve always been impressed that Rogers does his research to fully understand an issue before he forms an opinion. He is not beholden to anyone and will represent his district.

We need people like Lynn Rogers in Topeka.

Vera Bothner, Wichita

Need Osborne

Susan Osborne is the right person at the right time for Kansas House District 94. She has in-depth and respected professional leadership within Wichita, having broad experience in education, business and community service.

She is well-informed on issues and, unlike her opponent, has been consistent in her stands on reversing Gov. Sam Brownback’s income tax exemptions for many businesses and believing the current level of funding for K-12 schools is inadequate.

Having worked with her in the past, I know Osborne also has the gift of being able to work with other people and agencies with differing needs and opinions.

The Legislature needs Osborne, who can work across the aisles for the benefit of all Kansans.

Deanna Zitterkopf, Wichita

Vote for Norton

What has Michael O’Donnell done successfully? He never states his accomplishments.

Sedgwick County Commissioner Tim Norton is running a respectful campaign, unlike many politicians. Norton states his record rather than slamming his opponent.

O’Donnell was a one-term state senator and one-term Wichita City Council member. Nothing memorable ever came from his attempts to be in government. I believe he was successful in buying alcohol for underage partygoers.

His campaign says he won’t accept Norton’s pay raise. I would guess that all the county commissioners get the same salary, and I am sure O’Donnell will also take the pay.

Norton has done a lot of good for the south end of the county and the city of Haysville. He has been in the trenches doing the hard work and lived in this community for more than 30 years.

I would suggest comparing what each candidate has done for us.

Vote for the only person who has done anything for the south end in many years. Vote Norton.

Phil Harris, Haysville

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